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  1. I could have sworn someone posted a screen shot of the roll out dates for this, but I cannot find them anywhere. Help?
  2. Ah, your post confused me then. The verbiage in the flyer spoke of "premium", I thought that meant the new package.
  3. no, the lists from on board included items like everyone's favorite, Grey Goose, Whistle Pig Rye, and others. There's *a lot* missing from the flyer NCL sent you. (compared to what is being shown on board)
  4. So this list is different that the ones that have been posted from people on board the ships that this has gone live on.....
  5. Question, does anyone have a listing of what wines are/ are not included? Rumor has it no champagne or sparkling wine is included in the UDP.
  6. exactly... Hendrick's isn't all that and it's $19.95 on the new menu, which is *crazy*
  7. exactly. I tend to only have a cocktail or two at home at a time and I'm going to spend the money on what I like, even if it is more expensive. I tend to drink cheaper when I'm out since I'm not going to was a good spirit with cruddy mixers or additions
  8. We didn't ask that, just specifically for our cruise next month.
  9. so we did call NCL yesterday, they *will* be using the Navy Pier in the future for certain sailings.
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