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  1. Canadian government is asking all Canadians to avoid non-essential travel Ask people who got stuck in UK at Christmas when all flights were cancelled or who have been stuck in India since flights were cancelled in April 2021
  2. My travel medical insurance expired in April 2020 & the insurance company told me I could not get medical insurance while an advisory is in place - so we are not traveling outside of Canada until advisories are lifted. For cancellation insurance, aren't NCL deposits refundable? (advisories should be lifted before final payment date)
  3. Just checked last Bliss sailing disembarks in Seattle on Oct 23, doesn't start again until LA on Nov 7 - might be an interesting partial Panama or 2 short Pacific Coastal/Mexico or time to get Joy crew back? Thanks for pointing this out, you have peaked my interest Another note - I wanted to go on an Alaska cruise for our honeymoon in 2000 & no cruises were running that late, this year they are running to Oct 23! I'm cold just thinking about it
  4. we were scheduled on he Joy in DOS in April of 2020, when it was canceled I looked to book a Haven AFT (same cruise April 2021) and the 125% FCC didn't cover the cost, so I took a refund.
  5. extending it would be my first demand of my PCC! As far as I'm concerned expiry dates should be extended for the amount of time COVID shut down cruising. We have 8 CN that expire Sept 2022, how they are handled by NCL will weigh in on my decision to cruise again
  6. can you Cash out, sell your CruiseNext/CruiseFirst, try another line (or 3) before giving up the $690 of FCC and moving on from NCL altogether? NCL corp office has irritated me in the past (nothing like this cr*p with the Joy) but I haven't found another line that I like the onboard experience as much as NCL
  7. at least Canada gave lots of warning cruising wouldn't happen this year
  8. 2019 our stop in Victoria was 3 hours, some sailings the stop was 9pm to midnight, so not actually a technical stop but not time to do much other than walk to town & grab a beer
  9. Canadian border is open only for Canadians, permanent residents & a few essential exceptions - I don't expect it to open fully until COVID is controlled worldwide I don't think USA will want to open the border until 75% of Canadians are fully vaccinated - might happen before Aug 7
  10. we stayed in the Seattle Marriott Waterfront, as we could walk to the port, with our luggage The Waterfront on the Bliss wasn't busy for our Alaska cruise, if you dress warmly it is beautiful (but about 60 degrees) Bring a rain jacket excursions were very expensive (in 2018 & 2019) it was amazing to take the helicopter onto the Glacier
  11. I've sailed B2B at several USA ports. I would highly recommend that you DO NOT stay on the ship. USA customs must confirm the ship is empty, this has taken from 45 minutes to 2 1/2 hours (in Miami that meant outside in the blazing sun, in LA inside the stuffy port both without chairs)
  12. The Waterfront restaurants have table & chairs available before dinner service is set up (at least until 3pm in my experience). Usually very quiet as no food service is available in the area before dinner. The bar has more comfortable seating closer to the bar
  13. We sail mostly H6 & have had good to great service (we never eat in-suite & are pretty low maintenance) but Getaway was disappointing! We hit 2 storms, missed Azores, I was in bed sea sick, celebrating my Birthday & Butler didn't even call. We scheduled Oceania after that trip but hubby hated it. (medically I wasn't able to travel, so won't get to try Oceania) Butler's do make a huge difference in the trip (something I wouldn't have believed before sailing the Haven)
  14. we sailed the Bliss H2 in April 2019 (our 4th on the Bliss from April 2018) The largest difference was the attention of the Butler and the room steward - they made themselves available and looked for ways to assist. They were much more obvious in the attention, without being obnoxious. Our 7 month old GD got lots of attention from Butler, crew & officers! I sailed the Getaway in Oct 2019 in H6 and the Butler didn't recognize me at the "disembarkation meeting" on a 19 day cruise - was certainly different from the Bliss
  15. Hubby has already commented about missing the ocean view from the bathroom (we've sailed H6 several times) Originally booked HA because I thought that was going to be equivalent to H6 - no separate bedroom/master, doesn't look like there is a couch
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