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  1. so nice to hear good news out of Quebec - thanks for sharing!
  2. if you are interested in railways or the gold rush - a stop in Skagway for the Whitepass railway is interesting. We really enjoyed the helicopter trip onto the Glacier in Juneau We have done the Alaska trip 3 times - 14 days (2 - 7 day B2B) from Vancouver was our favourite, we were in port long enough to explore the scenery The 2 round trips from Seattle were more about the ships than Alaska, the port times were very short.
  3. My April 19 cruise was cancelled on March 30, I received an email from NCL quoting my reservation number, I saw a post on FB and several threads on CC all confirming the cancellation On April 3, I received an email stating the amount of FCC (125%), split equally between passengers (cruise was paid for on one credit card) On April 13, I was able to request a refund for the cancelled cruise and expect to see to see it in July. My credit card company considers 90 days to be reasonable in these extraordinary circumstances - no charge back allowed until then. I requested a refund of the deposit I paid for a Sept 2020 cruise, on March 24, received that April 28 I personally wouldn't make final payment 120 days in advance of a cruise when they aren't sailing & Ports are closed
  4. BC is being EXTREMELY cautious, summer events including our Fair in August are already canceled and the Provincial Health Officer has said the limit of 50 people gathering will stay in place for months. My bet is if our Ports open before there is a vaccine, it will be against her advice & I will be very surprised
  5. yes, I followed up with PCC when my April cruise was cancelled and he confirmed it will be 90 days for each refund. Unfortunately my CC company considers 90 days to be reasonable in these extraordinary circumstances . I am grateful that I can stay safely at home & my vacation fund will be replenished before we are able to travel - lots of other people have worse things to worry about.
  6. outside - deposit paid for Sept cruise, final payment was due May 24
  7. I requested refunds of deposits paid on Mar 3 & 24 (cruise not canceled) haven't received either
  8. In BC our Health Minister said he wouldn't cruise on Mar 7 & I think that helped stop our cases from getting out of control, Spring Break was a week later and lots of people didn't travel
  9. We were starting to see glimmers - now outbreaks in Acute care & chicken processing plants. LTC getting out of control in Ontario & Quebec pisses me off - BC's first case of community spread was in LTC & I expected other Provinces to learn & get on top of it!
  10. BC's PHO Dr. Bonnie Henry expects an effective serology test in "a couple of weeks" of course creating the test and wide scale testing are different!
  11. We had the Canada/New England cruise booked out of Boston on Sept 18 - we cancelled. 1. I had requested a refund of a deposit on Mar 3 $1308 CAD 2. Our April cruise was cancelled $12000 CAD 3. Neither refund will be received before May 24 date of final payment of Sept cruise 4. now added $5800 CAD deposit to list of money NCL owes us 5. Hubby & I are both in higher risk categories for COVID, so we won't be traveling in Sept 6. As Canadians, our Travel Medical Insurance isn't valid while there are travel advisories - so we will be staying in Canada for the foreseeable future you need to make the decision that is right for your family but those are our reasons for cancelling
  12. Eventually there will be reliable serology testing, so you will be able to find out if you had COVID 19
  13. BC Provincial Health Officer just confirmed gathering limits of 50 will stay in place for at least the summer - so all festivals and special events are cancelled, that includes our Fair that is the last 16 days of Summer. I agree that I don't think cruise ships will be allowed in BC in 2020
  14. BC, Canada's Provincial Health Officer said yesterday she didn't think we would be traveling Internationally in 2020 and today said large summer gathering would most likely not be happening this year. I doubt cruise ships will be stopping in Vancouver or Victoria this year. My guess is NCL will cancel cruises May 15 - July, sometime the first week of May.
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