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  1. YVRBassElectric

    Surrey or Airport Hotel

    Thank you for the reminder that I have been spending to much time in the suburbs & I need to get back to downtown of my hometown!!
  2. YVRBassElectric

    Train from Vancouver to Seattle post cruise

    Freight has priority on the rails - we were delayed almost 2 hours in Sept. We did this trip in 2000 for the start of our honeymoon, lovely 3 hour trip, planned to do it again but it took 18 years. In 2018, the ride wasn't as smooth, food was limited (both items and quantity) trip took over 5 hours, development has taken away some of the nice views. Vancouver has a really nice airport
  3. YVRBassElectric

    Vancouver airport departure

    Sorry, forgot about your NCL disembarkation questions: Yes, you can self disembark, if you can take all your luggage without assistance Yes you can leave your luggage out the night before and they will get it to the port, you need to take it through Canada Customs & to your transportation. In Vancouver we do not have ride share services & the waits for cabs will be long, if you are able to take your luggage on to the Skytrain, that will be fastest & least expensive option, if not I would use NCL transfer, if you are trying to make an early departure You will need to get luggage tags from Guest services, if you don't use NCL transfer, colour coded to the approximate time you want to get off
  4. YVRBassElectric

    Vancouver airport departure

    to highlight what rhblake posted If you are flying back to US - you will clear US Customs & immigration at YVR - that can take an hour NCL says 4 hours after arrival time in YVR for flight departures. YVR recommends 3 hours at the airport for Cruise ship passengers. NO WAY would I expect to get off a cruise ship, through Canada Customs and drive to the airport in 1 hour (the drive alone is about an hour) I am biased as it's my home airport, YVR is beautiful, lots of places to eat & shop, I would rather spend 2 hours waiting than stressing that I might miss my flight
  5. YVRBassElectric

    Service dogs on board ship

    NCL terms specifically ban "Emotional Support Dogs" as they aren't covered under ADA (I think that's the law, I'm Canadian) Service dogs that are trained for a specific purpose are allowed (Guide dogs for the blind etc)
  6. YVRBassElectric

    Review of Breakaway January 6 out of New Orleans

    AkKruzer thanks for taking the time to do a review, we are on the Breakaway in Feb (first time) will have to check out the ropes course!
  7. YVRBassElectric

    Review of Breakaway January 6 out of New Orleans

    You will pay extra charges on the Specialty dining when you make final payment - very few restaurants have an additional up charge (Ocean Blue & Cirque are the 2 I know). Haven restaurant doesn't have additional charges and won't use your Specialty dining perk
  8. YVRBassElectric

    O'Sheehan's food quality?

    Ruben with thousand island dressing is what turned me off O'Sheehan's (I've always been served mustard) I agree with graphicguy that the chef is probably at the bottom of the totem pole. If we are looking for food outside of normal meal times, I will find something on the menu to "tide me over" but I wouldn't plan to eat a meal there
  9. YVRBassElectric

    Victoria, BC Late Night

    WOW 9pm to 12 am, that's ridiculous! I live in Vancouver, have been to Victoria lots and would probably stay on the ship. that being said, Bard & Banker is about 1/2 hour walk, along the waterfront, pretty lights on the Legislature building, they might have live music
  10. YVRBassElectric

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    Yes I did
  11. YVRBassElectric

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    I canceled a cruise in the DOS, the $19,000 + 2 drink packages $2100 was outrageous enough + $1260 if anyone wants premium alcohol was the tipping point (this is based on a 30% exchange rate, it might be higher in January)
  12. YVRBassElectric

    First NCL cruise will be my last NCL cruise - Bliss

    I was on the first sailing of the Bliss, I was REALLY excited for the go karts pre-cruise, I drive an electric car and love to drive. On my race, I had a group of 4 guys who were racing each other and the track attendants stopped my cart to allow them to pass me (and limited my speed after putting me last). I heard from several of passengers about being rear-ended. Make a reservation for a double cart, watch a regular race and decide if it feels safe to you and fun for your son. I love the Bliss, 34 days on her so far, but only one try at the go-carts and I pitted early, wasn't fun enough to do all 8 laps
  13. YVRBassElectric

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    I am traveling in April DOS - 2 people drink alcohol, 2 do not - at $89 a day, I hesitated buying the drink package but thought since 3rd & 4th were free, the overall cost was ok. Now if either of the drinkers want high end alcohol I need to spend another $180 CAD per day?!?!? ($34 US is $45 CAD) I cancelled our Jan 2020 cruise as the overall cost isn't reasonable, PCC was surprised that the new package had already been rolled out, his information was it was to be effective in March. Any comments about MSC Yacht club with a 16 month old?
  14. YVRBassElectric

    Belize City Beach Break

    yes, I was quite disappointed in Harvest Caye in 2017, we weren't going to get off the ship this time but hubby had hip replacement in Dec and we aren't sure if he will be able to tender (next 2 stops are tender)
  15. YVRBassElectric

    Belize City Beach Break

    Found a review, I was thinking of doing this on the Feb 2 sailing http://www.cruiseportinsider.com/beex08.html I loved Belize City when we were there in 2016, we did the LAMANAI RUINS & RIVER SAFARI, scenery was beautiful and the people were lovely.