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  1. I have incredibly sensitive skin - I wear 90% natural fabrics and use "Free" detergent at home (and do not have any scented products in our home), I have used NCL laundry, been happy with the results & didn't have an issue with the smell. I do not send my socks or underwear to the laundry
  2. the level of service we received on the Bliss in the DOS was AMAZING - partially because everyone wanted to say Hi to our 7 month old GD & also because of a great butler & room steward. Not sure I will ever spend that much on a cruse again but it sure made it easier to travel with a baby
  3. I don't drink alcohol but I like the Free at Sea beverage package, some bartenders make amazing non-alcoholic drinks that are way more interesting that pop - I can try lots and don't feel obligated to drink what I'm not enjoying
  4. In 100+ days at sea on NCL the Captain docked before the posted itinerary time at every port, local officials need to clear the ship and sometimes that does take longer than expected (first stop in a US port, plan to be late off the ship). Ship excursions and suite guests depart first. In Roatan, we were still off the ship before the posted itinerary Departure has only been delayed at 2 ports in my experience - so all aboard is the time you need to worry about.
  5. Befriend a Canadian - we don't pay taxes on winnings. NCL took a record of hubby's passport and we didn't have taxes withheld. On the flip side, we do have to pay taxes on duty free purchases in the US, so it probably evens out.
  6. yes for the DOS on the Bliss, I think yes in the 2 BR on the Bliss
  7. Yes suite guests get the same embarkation/disembarkation as Haven guests
  8. Check with Pan Pacific hotel, I think they will store your luggage - it’s beside the port. downtown Vancouver is very walkable! If you are a TV/movie fan it’s interesting to find some of the sets (Vancouver art gallery has been used multiple times) if the weather is nice it’s an easy walk to Stanley park or gastown. Water taxi goes to Granville island. plan to go to the airport early, it’s nice with decent food. Vancouver is known for bad traffic & there will be line ups on a cruise ship day
  9. Virgin mojitos some bartenders are great at creating nonalcoholic drinks. Lester on the Joy concocted amazing drinks with Lycee purée. Most alcoholic drinks are to sweet for me without the alcohol, so I usually ask the bartender for suggestions or get soda water with lime if they are busy.
  10. NCL deposits are refundable until final payment is due. Check with your Travel Agent, losing your deposit might be their rule, not NCL’s.
  11. NCL calls them Freestyle Dailies. the Pacific Coastal cruises are only available twice per year for each ship that sails Alaska - April/May from California to Vancouver and Sept/October Vancouver to California. The Joy’s first will be in Oct.
  12. On embarkation day NCL staff aare at the port collecting $15 corkage fee for wine - you surrender spirits to them to be brought aboard and given back on the last night.
  13. I have brought spirits on board multiple times - they have always wrapped them up and we got them on the last night of the cruise
  14. A couple of years ago we lined up for more than 1/2 hour for a cab in Vancouver and there was only one ship in port. We were just in Vancouver with 3 ships in port and waited 15 minutes for the elevator. If you can handle your luggage the Skytrain is the way to go, if you can't do an NCL transfer.
  15. I think you got very unlucky with San Francisco - we have been there in 2006, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 & 2019 - with 3 different cruise lines without a problem. FYI all cruise ships in Vancouver dock at Canada Place so it's even easier to do a B2B now
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