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  1. I know!!! Assata will replace me on Allure on July 14. We will have 2 weeks handover starting on June 30th!
  2. At the moment we have the M&M at 10 on Dazzles and C&A at 10:45 in the Aqua Theater. it’s working well
  3. I have changed the lounge, since I am back from Vacation. I am listening for all of your suggestion and thank to you all, it’s been an amazing attendance and great meet & mingle. i am glad I have created this call. For now we are holding the M&M on Dazzles at 10 am and Top Tier at 10:45 am. it’s been great so far. Hope to see you some day.
  4. Hhahahahhahaahah Thank you so much! But no thank you! These stuff are for you! I love seeing people, not me ! Hope to see you soon
  5. I am back on Allure! Hehehe Flavio Here. Kim went to Liberty after covering my vacation! I love this, this is where I see where O am going next! Heheheeheh
  6. Thank you so much for mentioning. Cruise Critics meeting are held normally on first day at Sea. At 10 AM, on Dazzles dk 8. Top Tier is on Deck 6 Boardwalk. But it is still too early to have 100% confirmation. Since I have changed the venue and time and also started to post here, it’s been well attended and fun to meet and mingle with you all! Hope it could help you. i do not spend too much time in here, but happened to read your post . safe travels and see you soon 😉
  7. I am not sure, but I think you must sign up here to ger your name in the list of invitations. The others members might be better to help you to find the link. On Allure it is always listed on the Cruise Compass, but it will always be on the 1st day at sea.
  8. The invitation is sent to a list that the website provides, there is no way to guess who is cruising from the CC if people do not sign up on the website. Wht I do, I add the information on the Cruise Compass so entire ship can see it. M&M haven’t been popular nowadays, people always find something more interesting to do on a ship like Allure. What I do I set the M&M right before Crown & Anchor event and direct all the M&M to the event after the formalities so they can meet and talk to all the senior officers, even the Captain. on a ship with the size of Allure, it would be almost impossible to get officers and the Captain on an event. Not because they do not care but because it is one of the largest ship, and yes it is way busier to run a ship with this size. I could change the time. But I don’t think officers won’t be there. I will also see the availability of venues and if I can chanhe it. At the moment we hold the party at the On Air at 10:30 am and C&A event at 11:45 am on the 1st day at Sea. I am reading all the suggestions and surely will make some changes. At the moment I am on vacation, but the moment I am back, your precious ideas will be considered. thank you so much to all
  9. Just saw the cruise I am coming back! Yhis is awesome! I will check it for now on! Thank you so much...
  10. Thank you so much. How can I check this? “Pull up roll call” Heheheh I am so new to this!
  11. Reason why I have signed up myself, so I can understand what do you guys expect. A part from that it is a great feedback! I am loving it
  12. I host it, so I would like to know what do you guys like to have it. I am AM on RCCL
  13. I would like to know what do you want to see on CC meet & Mingle on Royal Caribbean. Time, date, gifts, what to cover. Please give your feed back
  14. Hello, this is Flavio, the Activities Manager, I would like to thank you for the great comment. This is the first time I am posting on Cruise Critic, hope it goes well. Happy Christmas
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