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  1. We've passed though the straights 3 times, once from Cadiz, once from Funchal and once from Malaga. Each time was at the wee hours, usually about 3am. Unfortunately the lights that were supposed to illuminate the rock were not on any of these transits. Unless there is a port call in Gibralter, I don't think there is an opportunity to see the sights. Sorry too.
  2. So glad you two have a spot on this cruise! We will be watching carefully and, if we win the lottery, we may see you again! Be well, miss you both, stay safe. M&G
  3. It seems to me that the website has gotten slower and slower over the past several years. I created a notebook (yes, hand written) to document the day, port, time of departure and code for the excursions I book online. If I don't get a confirmation or the itinerary does not show my bookings, I call Regent and talk to an agent. Having the booking code makes that call go quickly. Unfortunately, it usually takes hours to book excursions whether they are booked at one sitting or with multiple logins to book 2 or 3 at a time. I have mentioned this on multiple surveys both from the website and at post-cruise evaluations.
  4. Oops, the Grand Voyage was Hong Kong to Vancouver. Still waiting to hear what Regent proposes.
  5. We were booked on the Grand Voyage March 9-May 8, Tokyo-Vancouver. Obviously the first half of our cruise is gone. Not sure if we should keep fingers crossed for the April 6 and April 20 segments or just let it all go to FCC's. Agree that Japan will try to keep the country safe for the Olympics; currently they are denying tourist access. It doesn't make sense to me that the ship should sail all the way from Italy to Japan only to end up in Vancouver a month later for the Alaska season (maybe). Hoping for our July and September bookings to sail. Missing cruising soooo much.
  6. A predetermined Barcelona to Miami cruise was offered via the online search function in early 2018. It took a while after we booked--in March 2018--to realize that Regent created a btb cruise and there are really 2 segments Barcelona-Lisbon-Miami. Since the Barcelona to Lisbon segment includes Morocco, I assume these ports may have drawn guests for this portion alone or as a btb from the previous Med segment.
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