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  1. Tiogacruiser, the original Prinsendam burned on Oct. 4, 1980. No fatalities. A book was published I 2006 titled Burning Cold. It is still in print. Congratulations on getting a tile.
  2. If worse comes to worst, I found a great one on EBay a couple of years ago.
  3. If you do, I will be the first to read it. I leave for the PDam tomorrow.
  4. Kazu, you are welcome. That is one of the reasons I switched cruises at the last minute.. I had already done the North Cape Cruise, and without Dag, I didn’t HAVE to be on the last cruise. We also had a strange group on CC, so I joined the 4/24. I am glad I did! Friendlier group, an itinerary I haven’t done before, with the opportunity to stay over in London with a minimum of fuss. Cant wait to be onboard again before too many changes are made.
  5. He hasn’t been, he has been flying from city to city revisiting old friend and old haunts.
  6. Captain Dag has been puddle jumping all over S.E. Asia for several weeks now.
  7. Sorry I just got caught up on this. I love the hotel, and your pictures are great! I think you definitely are making the most of Lisbon. It seems even 5 days is not enough time to experience all of Lisbon. keep up the pictures and running commentary. Love them!
  8. SusieQ, he said thin people were discontinued. He did not make fun of “fat” or handicapped passengers. Also, this was an old post. I am so tired of people who have to complain about themselves. In general, people are overweight in th U.S. that is a statistical fact! You are are so insecure and embarrassed by your weight, you lash out and misinterpreted the post entirely.
  9. Jeff, I started my love of cruising thanks to Singleworld. Glad to hear someone went on to bigger and better things. I was sad to see them stop operations.
  10. I will be on the Nieuw Amsterdam in Feb., so I will be interested in all the cut backs that have been listed.
  11. WOW! They still had them in 2015. I didn't know they discontinued them. Do they still give you the tiles???
  12. Dave, We were all very sad about Dominic but he does have relatives that may have objections to using his name in the context. I don't understand why, but they could. His niece posted on this thread and I would suggest you contact her, just as a courtesy. Lynn
  13. Dear Kreader, My first cruise was on Singleworld to Bermuda. Guess what? In 2 weeks I am finally returning to Bermuda on the Veendam!!!!!!
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