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  1. I never received an email but it is under my VIFP promotions. So check it. It may already be under your account and you don't know it.
  2. I do it all the time. I book as a single and add in later. Just make sure you don't do it too late because of capacity issues.
  3. If that's your kids then they have to let them board with you unless the adult booked in that room is the other parent/mom. That is Carnival's policy. In other words... If the other adult in the room is non parent then they can board with you. Again assuming that the minors are your children.
  4. 11 is the largest I've been able to get. Just incase anyone else is wondering...
  5. Eat at the steakhouse the first night (embarkation night) and get 50% off on all bottles of wine. You can take the wine you purchase back to your cabin.
  6. It sometimes happen that early. On the bright side... Anytime on Vista is ran really well and you can book your time using the Carnival app on your phone. Just make sure you book ahead of time each day.
  7. You must have book through a shady Travel Agent. You definitely shouldn't have to pay a commission fee. Just taxes and port fees. I do this on almost every cruise. I book solo and add on once I know for sure the other person is going. I'd report him or her to Carnival.
  8. The kids will enjoy the Vista more than the Breeze. The people who don't like the Vista are Carnival Veterans that are used to the old theater designs, atrium and etc. Both ships are great though...
  9. I put them in a playmate cooler. They're easy to carry and can hold around 2 dozen.
  10. They haven't done the full late night buffet in years...
  11. Awesome. Booked for December and I never let the negative People ruin my cruise. I'm glad you all had a great time.
  12. There isnt a Carnival ship I wouldn't sail again. But if I had to choose I would say the Fantasy. Only because it was the worst experience of all the ships I've been on. Anytime dinning was terrible with 1 hour plus wait. A pipe burst inside the bathroom walls. My carpet was soaked and the smell never left the room. Plus a passenger jumped over board and a different passenger had to be air lifted. It was alot of chaos on that cruise. But I wouldn't say I would never sail on it again.
  13. I've sailed the Magic and the only smelly place was the Casino. Haha
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