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  1. Where are travelling on the Jewel which will dock in Los Angeles on October 13 at the end of the cruise. What are our options for travelling from the cruise ship to the airport?
  2. Does a spa pass cost less after your are several days into the cruise?
  3. We are sailing to Alaska in August. We have open seating. Do we have to make reservations in the main dining room for meals?
  4. We are sailing from Pier 91 in August. Can anyone tell me about parking there? Should we reserve parking or just show up on sailing day?
  5. We will be driving to Seattle, can anyone recommend a good place to stay the evening before the cruise.
  6. We will be on our first cruise on the Amsterdam to Alaska in August. I drink coke zero but my husband doesn't. Would we both have to purchase the beverage package. Also do they only have fountain pop or do they have it in cans too. Their literature says they will give you a cup you can keep that is used for fountain drinks. Are you using the same cup for the entire trip? Also, are there lockers by the pools?
  7. If you order room service for breakfast do they bring you a pot of coffee or just a cupful. I like to have to cups of coffee.
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