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  1. Agree.....in the past I have been the one to organize everything but I'm kind of over that gig. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  2. I'm thinking the same thing..especially since the cost per person, per day is under $100.00
  3. Hello CC We are currently looking to book a cruise for April 4 2021, Explorer out of Miami; 9 day'er We have 3 families that want to join. Total of 5 rooms. Should we go through TA for added perks? Regarding perks w/ TA: Will the perks be divided up or does it go to one booking? Another question: We will be sailing on RCL in April 2020. Should we wait to book on Next Cruise or should we book now? Thank you!
  4. You are seriously a rock star! I'm so sorry to read about your accident back in August, but man..you truly let NOTHING get you down.
  5. I think my answer would depend on how many days you guys are cruising and how many sea days you have.
  6. I bought a wedding set that looks real and it's not. I wear that while traveling. Cost me $50 and while I have never lost it, it gives me peace of mind (just in case). I learned that trick from a client.
  7. I forsee a "I was used for my C&A status" post coming real soon.... (Not from you OP from the trolls)
  8. Might have to do with them remodeling the ship Jan - March 2020.
  9. They have rejected the photos I included on two cruises now so I dont even bother anymore. (When doing precheck in online) Also, my youngest likes to do this weird smile that has the crew people always chuckling when they scan his cruise card. I'd like to note the RCL has always let him do that smile but Carnival wont. LOL
  10. Obviously demand can keep it at that price. You're a numbers person just like me and that's why I haven't booked a trip yet for our family on the Symphony. Think our year might not be until 2022-2023 ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  11. I'm so with you on this...this was my EXACT thoughts when encountering this cruisers situation over the other cruiser with the 19 & 20 year old. Pretty comical actually. I have a 16 year old and 12 year old. I pay for the cruise so they gotta go every where we want to go while cruising. That's just the rules. Until they can afford to pay for themselves, they get to endure their Dad and I. We have no problem leaving them at home so they know don't be that kid. OP - you're nicer parents than us!
  12. I already paid for my cruise in full. I will call just to see what they say. Thank you.
  13. I think I need to look into other insurances. I have always gotten RCL insurance, but now I see that it doesn't really do much for me and my family. Can I cancel my RCL insurance for my cruise in April 2020?
  14. DO place a pineapple dressed up as a ghost on any friends/family doors that are up for a good laugh. Just not yours
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