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  1. I learned many years ago to never discuss travel plans with family and friends unless they are interested in booking their next trip with us. The ones who really want to know will ask, and the others who want to be envious or negative never get more from me than "it was fun" or "sorry you live your life in fear" when they ask about a trip then tell me why they would never do whatever trip I just did. 😉
  2. We are not Royal we are penniless poverty stricken human beings...lol
  3. They really don't want you to get that cash refund. I requested a refund online too and received a 125% FCC. I ended having to call CS twice to get it reissued to a refund. I was told that I wasn't going to see that until June 15th, but I received my full cash refund this week. I recommend to keep calling until you get someone to authorize what you requested then call back a week later to make sure it was done right. Worked for me, good luck!
  4. It's very frustrating no doubt but that's show biz baby. I now will book outside final payment because it seems like that is what all of the cool cats do on here 😉
  5. I've called twice in the past two weeks and waited no more than 10-15 mins each time. Perhaps it's best to call middle of week?
  6. April 12th cruise canceled. Requested a refund online 3/24 and screenshot the "Process to Forfeit 125% FCC for a Cruise Fare Refund". never received confirmation of refund Received a future cruise credit 4/29. Immediately called CS. Gentlemen stated that he will cancel FCC and give refund (leave all the fun stuff out about that convo..doesn't even matter). Never received confirmation it was cancelled but received a survey :). Made note to call RC this week. Called on Tuesday and was told that my refund has been confirmed, but I am now at the back of the line and won't see a ref
  7. I requested a refund for my 4/12/20 cruise online. On Wednesday I received an email by Royal with FCC. Not what I requested. So I called Royal Caribbean. Wait time was approximately 15 minutes. I was very polite and told CS rep that I had requested a refund not a FCC. He told me that if I didn't use the FCC that it would eventually go back as a refund, and I was like "huh?" So he repeated what he said. I told him that I didn't want that to happen and that I want the FCC to be canceled by him now. He told me he did, and I haven't received anything to confirm that happened. Imagine my
  8. Lloyd Christmas...what are you doing to us? Where's Harry
  9. I requested a refund online and received a 125% FCC yesterday! I'm hoping that it didn't put me at the back of the line after calling CS to inform them I never accepted a 125% FCC and that I filled out information for a refund! My GF who I helped navigate through the system for her refund got the letter you all received yesterday too. Glad to see that they are at least communicating with people. I"ll probably get this email 30 days from now...grrrrr...
  10. I've come to realize that I have the biggest lounge chair hog inside my own home. She also doesnt practice social distancing
  11. How about they just process refunds in the order they were received.
  12. Have these other lines promised refunds within 30 days only to not follow through and give no notification to their customers? Just curious. Another unsettling issue is that they are not communicating with their customers who were expecting refunds. At least send an email out letting them know. Instead they are leaving to their customers to tie up their phone lines, stress their poor employees out who probably don't even have a real answer, and making people lose faith in their company.
  13. The only people I have read that have received their refunds were people who canceled cruises before final payment. My cruise that was canceled by RC was supposed to sail April 12th. I submitted my request for full cash refund the day after I received the email stating my cruise was canceled. I know that I will receive my refund, but it will be interesting to see when. Fortunately, both husband and I are working so we are not desperate for the money RC has tied up. However, it's annoying to know that people who had their cruises canceled 30 days before mine are s
  14. I also developed a complex from this poll too. I have always identified has a GenX b/c of my grad year and now I'm being told I'm a millennial...wahhh!!!
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