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  1. Sandy R

    Food for pescatarians

    When we ask a day in advance of going to the Crown Grill, they have made the onion soup for him with a vegetable base. They are very accommodating, as is the main DR.
  2. Sandy R

    Food for pescatarians

    My DH is a pescatarian and has never had a problem... lots of choices. I like eating at the Crown Grill Steak Restaurant (I'm not a pescatarian) and DH always finds enough to eat there, too. He really enjoys the Chilean Sea Bass, Tiger Prawns and Black & Blue Onion Soup.
  3. Just remember whatever you decide to do after disembarkation, you must deal with your luggage! Just looked on cruisecritic and there's a post called "Ruby Princess San Pedro Post cruise excursion pre-flight". It has info on tours you might take after disembarkation that will drop you off at LAX.
  4. I recall that Princess offers tours for those who have later flights on disembarkation day, that drop you off at the airport after the tours. Also, you might think about renting a car that day and seeing a bit of L.A.
  5. Sandy R

    Mattress toppers

    Aren't all Ruby mattresses new? We had a new mattress on our April Ruby cruise. We were in a mini-suite. It was wonderful... no "topper" needed.
  6. Sandy R

    Pre/post cruise hotel Vancouver

    Here's another vote for the Pan Pacific. We stayed on the club floor and because breakfast was included and we used the canapés for a few dinners, we felt the club cost was fair. Also, Princess ships dock below the hotel. You can take your luggage down yourself or ask a hotel porter for help.
  7. Sandy R


    I'm sure most of us have seen anniversary or birthday signs on cabin doors. The stewards put those signs up. The signs have stickum on them that is way more sticky than scotch tape. I know because when we were younger, I'd take them home as mementos. I'd have no hesitation using scotch tape.
  8. Sandy R

    Re-deployment Star to the Ruby

    Got the move over from Star to Ruby a few days ago. All is fine. Yesterday I checked Princess website and both of my cruises are now available to book. I guess that means all move overs on these 2 cruises have been completed. Ruby 12/15/18 Mexico Ruby 3/17/19 Ca Coastal
  9. Sandy R

    Cancelled Cruise?

    My personalizer still says Star Princess. We had 2 bookings on Star... Mexico 12/15/18 and Coastal 3/17/19. We booked with a TA. Those of you who are now booked on Ruby, did you book directly or with a TA.
  10. Sandy R

    Question about accessible balcony cabins

    Thanks to all of you... cruisecritic members are great! We're rather new to this since we've always booked mini-suites. After speaking to a Princess agent, who was a big help, we decided on a balcony cabin, C302, which seems to address his needs at this time. If any of you have sailed in these 4 cabins, I'd appreciate hearing your experience.
  11. My husband requires an accessible cabin. On the Ruby, there are accessible mini's and we book those. On the Star, there aren't any accessible mini's so I booked D 733, which has the accessible bathroom. Now I'm worried that the cabin itself will be too small. There are accessible balcony cabins on the Star... C302, 301, 304. If the beds are made into twins, will there be a decent amount of room for him to get in and out of the bed. Thanks for any help.
  12. Sandy R

    Sip n' Sail coming back June 20th

    Our Star Alaska cruise LA to LA 9/18/18 had gone up so much from when we booked it last April, the Sip & Sail didn't make sense. But we did rebook our 12/15/18 Mexico cruise with the same price as when we originally booked and got the Sip & Sail OBC of $150pp + the Specialty dinner for 2.
  13. We always do a Dec. cruise to Mexico. Princess does a great job of decorating their ships for the holiday. There are Christmas trees everywhere and holiday singers to get you in the mood. It's all very festive.
  14. My husband has some minor mobility issues so the mini-suites we always book give him more room. We do twin beds which allows him to use either side to get out of bed. Last cruise he found the bed layout to be a bit restrictive. Anyone know if it's possible to put both bedside tables together, with the twin beds on either side?
  15. Sandy R

    Waitlist for Requested Table Size

    IMO. wait until you're on board and see what time you get for traditional dining. You can easily switch to anytime at any point during your cruise.