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  1. So some W e have always done traditional s seating to get to know people check night before we left all was correct change d when we got our cards, waited 1 hour to talk to mattered he was all over the place said all taken care of gave us a table number showed up to!d on this I anytime. medallion is a joke you now need to caN both cars and medallion for on and off ship. Lost onboard credits and wait time for any in customer service desk and that no Answers just check later.Don't worry I have a list but no internet time have to go talk to them now.
  2. We have cruised over 12 x with Princess and this is the worst! Some good but customer service and interactive personnel have been the worst to down right rude. I am in the field of customer service over 25 years and there would be a lot of firing taking place. We are easy go I going professional 50 year olds and it just has not stopped since we boarded. Will write full info later as one of the items (platnum free 150 min. Intenet) vanished.
  3. So we sail in March and have always bought 1 card for getting Mochas and fun coffee drinks from how it reads we will still be able to use one card for the premium coffee BUT will not and have mot doht the fresh brewed or tea's. I am reading this right correct? Coffee packages cannot be sold or otherwise transferred to any individual. Pre-purchased specialty coffees may be shared, but complimentary brewed coffee, teas and hot chocolate continue to be limited to the purchaser.
  4. Has anyone had this cabin ? I t says it is 303ft and other deluxe balcony cabins are 233. Any info would be great. Thank you.
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