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  1. I notice a Pic from the Horizon in the Coffee Shop & they had Dt Dew.
  2. 2 years a ago when the Hurricane went though the Miami Area no power on South Beach & the Airport was limit service the Cruise went on. Also at that time the Hurricane was building that went though PR the ship just kept going west to miss the weather. Went to different ports but was safe all the time.
  3. I will be on this Cruise 6/1/19 So far what is a must do or see on ship or in any of the ports? Loved what you have posted
  4. Some ships were testing a small food menu at the bar. Are they still doing that?
  5. We have purchased it on every Cruise & will purchase again Had to use it last one due to an injury. Still trying to get what is owed to us. About 6 months now fighting this.
  6. I think this is a great idea. Hoping they still serving this in June
  7. ;p[q:halo:uote=joelheather;56493254]My wife went on the flow rider with a two piece bikini, left with a one piece.... :evilsmile:Took her about 10 sec. to realize it. Now I know why there is always a majority male crowd looking on. worst part I was recording her ride on my phone. Maybe i should delete it[emoji848] What is your most embarrassing cruise memory? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. Crowne Plaza every time over Holiday Inn
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