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  1. terumim

    Week of March 30: Spring Holiday Cruise

    My best girlfriend and I traveled during thanksgiving, we were in paris for thanksgiving,and had a wonderful Italian dinner, OMG it was the best, then we flyed down to Barcelona to catch our cruise, so I have traveled on a holiday..
  2. terumim

    2015/2016 Deployment Thread

    I assume the 2016 will not be out till 2015, but I was wondering what months are the time for northern Europe cruise, Scandinavian / Russia cruise This is the cruise I have been saving for. Tonia San Diego..
  3. terumim

    Pompeii or Sorrento

    we did pompeii and we took the earphones tour and it was great .. i got more out of the tapes then thur the guides .. but also you can move at your rate Tonia
  4. maybe something that " sparkles " heheheheh they are a woman's best friend Tonia
  5. terumim

    how far from port to metro

    I was just wondering how far is metro from port.. and is it easier to take trolly to new museum or take metro .. and what stop to get off the metro and what line to get to new museum .. what is the cost for metro Thanks in advance for any info Tonia
  6. terumim

    Is David worth seeing?

    you can't go to and not see DAVID.. its is just one of those moments Tonia
  7. terumim

    Paris Hotels??

    Hotel Elysees -Union.. great hotel.. walk around the corner and down 3 blks to metro...good restaurants all around... Tonia
  8. terumim

    venice hotel with water taxi dock

    I AGREE 100% Locanda Orseolo WELCOMING , wonderful staff i would not stay anywhere esle Tonia
  9. terumim

    Malta, Palermo, Limassol

    thanks Pam and amomondo for your suggestions Tonia
  10. terumim

    Malta, Palermo, Limassol

    I will be on the nov 6th sailing... my friends will be on the nov 30th sailing.. i go first send all the info to them to do on the nov 30th sailing LOL Tonia
  11. I am cruising the eastern med in Nov 2009, and would like any help on what to see ? and also are they able to on your own ? what did you do ?? Any help you can give would be wonderful Tonia
  12. terumim

    Barcelona Favorite Restaurants

    my fav restaurant is a small little place , there is always a line... the food is great La Rita (off Passeig La Gracia, near Casa Batlo / between Passeig de Gracia and Pau Claris) 279 C/ Aragón 08007 or Carrer d'Arago 279, Barcelona 08007, Spain Phone: +34 93 487 23 76 Lunch: 1 PM - 3:45 PM Dinner 8:30 PM -11:30 PM
  13. terumim

    Alexandria overnight or day trip

    we have blue nile tours booked if you like info about the tour what it covers please adv me of your email i will send to you Tonia
  14. terumim

    Pompei and Capri on same day

    when we did pompei.. we spent the whole day looking .. it is huge and still didn't see everything.. but that all depends on how much you enjoy history..... ..we took the train to pompei and the stop you take to pompei it just about 100 -200 ft from where you get off the train Tonia
  15. terumim

    Regards to train travel

    we will be traveling from paris to barcelona to catch cruise ship... paris will be our base while in the area we have our hotel booked for a week in paris and will run around from there