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  1. I would look at MSC, from what I've heard they honor your Latitude's status with NCL.
  2. So I'm booked on the Bliss in October 2019 to go to Mazatlan however NCL does not even list this port off their main site, I wonder if this advisory has anything to do with it? https://www.ncl.com/shore-excursions
  3. I beg of them not to take me to Cozumel again, I've been so many times I've stopped spending time/money on excursions. I make excursion to Senor Frogs, shots are 2 for $5 a cheap buzz while people watching is far more interesting that seeing Cozumel fish...again But if the ship is having problems and they are making the gamble to only do short distance cruises, would they really go from Orlando to Cozumel? I would think it would be shorter to go to 1 or 2 of the Virgin Islands vs. going across the whole Gulf of Mexico and hope that nothing else mechanically goes wrong.
  4. I'm scheduled to leave on the Epic on Saturday, if their plan is to swap everyone out to 5-day terrible Bahamas cruises (I have 0 love for the Bahamas) then they should have made that decision and give everyone the opportunity that they gave the sailing that left on the 16th, take a refund or get a credit do the 5-day. But if they do the itinerary switch, what would the ports be and would they keep them 7 days or swap out to 5 days? Doing a 5-day itinerary what would they possibly do with the 2 extra days, do mechanical patch jobs?
  5. Last year I was on the Breakaway for a 9-Day Baltic and when the ship was sailing between St. Petersburg and Helsinki and from Stockholm to Copenhagen the ship was moving so slow, what stunk about it was both Helsinki and Stockholm we had to be back on the ship at an early hour.
  6. To me there's a difference between 'health compromised' like with Noro and you didn't get to go to the originally planned itinerary but by what we've heard everyone still had full access to on-board amenities.
  7. This will be my 13th cruise overall, so in 12 cruises only 3 have been a non-Western Caribbean itinerary, I've been there done/that. I'm a born and raised Texan, well a 7-day cruise out of Texas can only go so far so it was always Western Caribbean, NCL used to call it Texaribbean. The Western Caribbean is beautiful however I'm ready for some different ports.
  8. Picking me up as well! So what's comical about the debacle the last week with the Epic for me is that I've been trying to do this itinerary for several years but hurricanes and their aftermath keep happening, so I found the sailing on the 23rd with air included for a super great deal in December and thought 'ha - it's before hurricane season' I'll have zero issues going...and then the last week happens. I told my TA that if the sailing on the 23rd gets cancelled she is to refuse to book the Tortola/St. Thomas/GSC itinerary for me again because I'm obviously not meant to go there.
  9. Well if the ship still has some mechanical issues, NCL could possibly argue that they needed to get back to the home port vs. risking a stop somewhere and potentially getting stranded. Given that they are not going to sail the ship again until Monday vs. Sunday and that they haven't had their foot on the gas to make it into PC at a decent hour on Saturday where they could at least unload the current group of passengers and help reduce the compensation they are giving out makes me believe that there is still some kind of issue with the ship
  10. We should know more tomorrow once the engineers have been able to diagnose the issues and hopefully be able to make speedy repairs.
  11. I ate dinner a couple of nights with people who had food allergies and they had let the cruise line know beforehand and each night they were given a 'menu' of things to choose from that could meet their needs
  12. I'm set to go on there as well, it's funny at work this afternoon the attitude was "it's only 12 days away, it's so close", now the attitude is "they have 12 days, unless the engines are completely irreparable it should be fine"
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