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  1. Matt is not about cocktail parties but about "moving" and grooving, game shows, M. Cing, etc. He is full of energy and I just hope there are passengers who give back at least some of that energy back as you just can't keep giving without a ROI. I too was on the S.A. 49 day cruise. He made it possible for me to have a hassle free Chair Aerobics class in the fitness room. I participated in his and "Kash" Kat's" Zumba and Line Dance classes. All that activity, and the nightly dance parties were instrumental in keeping me at zero weight gain. Matt is currently vacationing in Spain with three of his former (pre-cruise employment) housemates getting refreshed to do his "thing" again.
  2. I was on her for the 49 day grand adventure (Feb 2nd - March 23rd). How did you like her and did you get a chance to interact with Matt O'Brien (Matt O') the cruise director. Ramona
  3. Got off of her on March 23rd, 49 Day South America Grand Adventure. She is a beautiful ship. Say hello to Matt O' (aka, Matt O'Brian), the cruise director. Ramona
  4. I'm 19 days into a 49 day cruise, single and solo and loving it. What are you really "afraid" of? (Rhethorical) If you don't get that answered and "straight"before your trip you will be miserable onboard. Ramona
  5. Just in case we cross paths in BROOKLYN here is my cleaned up pic from our first formal night Ramona
  6. Solo, single, and having a blast on the Royal Princess: Early Morning Sunrise on the way to Brazil.
  7. So, with two checked luggage, a carry-on, a backpack and three over-the-shoulder bags (athletic; 2 beach bags), personal stuff AND two cases of personalized shirts (Ts, V-Neck, Pocket Polo) about 40 of us ordered from Custom Ink memorializing this 49 day trip around South America, I'm ready to head to Port Everglades tomorrow. So for all those I've encouraged, Pi$$ed off, or folks just don't care... safe travels going Solo and/or Single. Ramona
  8. I wasn't calling you out but continuing the conversation regarding being solo while traveling and as an extension, while going to the theater, while "fine" dining. If it wasn't thought of as an "other" then this entire "thread" or special grouping wouldn't exist. Ramona
  9. It's a false premise to assume if you have a group or in a group you will have more fun or not be lonely. Learn how to become your own best friend. It's better to live in the corner of a roof then to share a house with a quarrelsome wife/husband. Proverbs 21:9 Think outside the box of what that is saying. On the roof gives you no shelter from the elements; under the roof your out from the elements; however... My first cruise ever (Nov 2017) was with a group ...OMG!! An exercise instructor puts together trips. Thank God I soloed with the room 'cause I would have been in jail. I had sworn I would never get on a ship again. When I got home and calmed down and evaluated the entire 10 day cruise (Panama Partial Transit), I did have a great time when I kept away from the group. All my excursions were not with that group. Ramona
  10. Thank you JoseyP and with 75 people for Chair Aerobics, I'm praying I can talk the ED or CD into giving me two time slots. LOL, I even posted links to the type of music (Youtube) and the BPM (beats per minute), 128-140, and even more people signed up. When I did that I had like 48 people, than I got the rest. I kinda think that was the wrong move -- LOL. Maybe one day us Brooklynites will meet. I think there is a Travel Show this weekend at the Jacob Javits Center, if not this weekend it may be next. My hairstylist is going, also from Brooklyn. Cruise Ship companies will be represented. Ramona
  11. Glenn your experience doesn't match mine. Having said that... every one doesn't click. Just because you join a group, doesn't mean everyone will accept you. I'm going on my 2nd cruise ever and this upcoming cruise (Feb 2nd), 49 days is filled with folks who have cruised before together at some time and point. It is loaded with "Elite and Platinum" passengers. I at first read through as much of the Roll Call as possible so I could get a feel of the land. I asked questions nicely, and as a Certified Group Exercise Instructor, I ran an idea I had regarding teaching/leading Chair Aerobics classes on Sea Days. These folks don't know me from a hole-in-the-ground. I have 75 people signed up for Chair Aerobics and 37 names to give to the ED of people who want to either learn and/or play Pickleball. I also got a group order going of T-shirts, Polo Shirts, and V-Neck Shirts, which is being shipped as we speak to my hotel. Again, these folks don't know me. All they know is how I interact with them on the Roll Call. I have email address (needed to communicate with them regarding shirts; Chair A. and Pickleball. I've provided links to Youtube videos of Pickleball game play, rules, tips and tricks. In order to get friends, one has to be friendly. Are you going to "Click" with everyone? NO. Some folks you may Click and you may Cluck with others and you can't make a clucker click. Your big toe is attached to your body and is a part of you and answers to your name; however, how often does your Big Toe hang out with your neck which is still part of you body and also called by your name. You may need to do a personal check in the mirror and ask the question: Am I demanding from others what I am not willing to do for myself. If the answer you truthfully give to yourself is Yes... Some changes in your expectations are necessary. We are not disappointed by what we find, we are disappointed by what we expected to find. We all need to learn how to manage our expectations. There are over 300 people on my Roll Call and for the 11 1/2 months that I've been on, I already know the people I'll click with but there is also a lot more I will Cluck with. Find your clickers. Ramona
  12. Thanks for that info. roller is not relevant for me as I'm flying out to FLL at the end of the month, their deliver date is late January, I'm going and the would be coming. It's a new product so I don't know how effective or ineffective it is for $68. Even in its collapsable state, it still takes up room. With my roller,I can stuff things inside, LOL. When a product is new on the market and there is no stated ship out date just a by the end of the month/year ...what happens if they can't meet that date especially if you're away. Thanks for the information. I'll keep an eye out for it and test it out when I see it. Ramona
  13. Thanks I ve decided to repack and bring my Foam Roller, 24" with me in my suitcase. Since it's hollow I can stuff some items in it. If I was taking a shorter cruise, I would bring it in a bag over my shoulder. However, because I'm doing 49 days that will be basically going through four seasons, especially 'round the Horn of South America, I'm packing for four seasons I will also be teaching on sea days, Aerobics twice a day so I'll be changing a lot. The classes are volunteer and only for our very large Roll Call, 300+ and with 70 people signed on even if 1/3rd show up, it will be a large class. Thanks for your input. Ramona
  14. Looking for someone with knowledge of equipment in the Royal Princess Gym. I need to Roll Out my back at least every 4/5 days due to scoliosis. I have a slight "S" curve but I begin to get very uncomfortable and move into lower back spasms when I'm off my Foam Roller for awhile. My Question is do I make room in my suitcase for my Trigger Point, This Or does Royal Princess have them? Mine is hollow so I can put things in the hollow part; but I was wondering if I really can do without packing one. I could go to the spa and get a message but that would become very expensive as I would need to spend a heck of a lot of money getting those every 4/5 days. Thanks in advance for any information. I'm sailing off on Feb. 2nd 2019 so for me, my repacking is of the essence. Ramona
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