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    Question on dining on Galaxy

    I thought I had read somewhere that dining on the Galaxy in the main dining room was "open" for breakfast and lunch and you only had formal dining hours, early or late for dinner. But when I looked on the FAQ for dining on their website it looks as if you have specific times for Breakfast and Lunch, for the main dining room, based on early or late sitting as well? We have the late seating, which we really don't want and it is disappointing enough to deal with this in the evening but very disappointing if we have to deal with it for breakfast and lunch as well. Can anyone please confirm whether this early/late sitting happens every meal in the main dining room. Thanks
  2. lovegoldens

    Another question on tipping

    Thanks your help, it simplify things to count nights. We're going for 12 nights so I'll plan accordingly. I also agree that one should tip the dining room staff for every night regardless of where we eat. I like to be generous but its nice to know the "norm" so that I am generous rather than just meeting the standard, :) if that makes sense.
  3. lovegoldens

    Another question on tipping

    When you "count" days do you count embarkation/disembarkation days?
  4. lovegoldens

    currencies in each port

    Thanks very much for your quick responses, you've been very helpful
  5. lovegoldens

    Where is best to Zip Line?

    We have just contacted Oscar Brown regarding a tour on Feb 18th for a tour including a zip line and apparantly the road to Almonds and Corals is pretty bad so he is recommending Las Brisas. Is the zip line at Las Brisas as good as the one at Almonds and Corals. Thank you. Shelley