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  1. We were so excited to finally be earning blocks. We're supposed to get our second one on the Adventure next month - our first cruise since the lockdown. It's a special ship for us for other reasons (we turned Diamond and Diamond Plus on it) so having a block would be a great memento. Same for the other 3 we would have gotten over the next year and a half. All would have been on ships that were meaningful to us in one way or another. I know not everyone cares, but we do. I'm a total sentimental sally ☺️ I agree w/ the suggestion to offer them only to those that want them and included that idea
  2. Good advice - we're trying ☺️ My son and DIL live in Sydney. They took a road trip up to the Gold Coast for their anniversary in May and stopped at the Big Banana 😁
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure why we're having so much difficulty w/ this. The only thing I can think of is after we originally booked, there was a price drop and so they had to revise the FCC we are due back. It still doesn't make sense and I don't know if I should blame Royal or our travel agent - they are each pointing the finger at each other. I was hoping it wasn't just me having this issue.
  4. Has anyone had problems getting their FCC’s applied to pay for an upcoming cruise? We have been trying for months to have two of our multiple FCCs applied to our Aug 21 Adventure sailing and everything seems to be stuck somewhere in Royal Limbo. The cruise fare was less than the value of our FCCs so we are expecting an adjusted FCC to be returned. My TA says they are working with Royal to get it fixed and not to worry. I’ve called Royal directly several times trying to get updates but b/c we have a TA they could provide limited (and often conflicting) information. The TA won’t process our paym
  5. We booked Bahamas Air thru Air2Sea for our August cruise, scheduled to arrive at 3PM day of sailing. Our flight back home leaves at 11am so I'm guessing we'll be among last on/first off, which is total opposite of our typical cruises. 🙃 We also purchased the transfers, so hoping that will smooth the process. How was your experience w/ Bahamas Air?
  6. Does anyone know who is the Diamond Concierge currently on Adventure? I'm not on facebook and haven't seen it posted on the live Bird thread. Really hoping it's Rafael Soares, who was on our last RC Adventure sailing in Nov 2019.
  7. We get our next one on the Adventure in August 😁
  8. Thanks for the posts, excited to be following along! It looks like the buffet is self-serve. I thought they'd have crew plating your food - ?
  9. I'm hoping restrictions will have eased a bit by the time we go in August. Otherwise I might have to book an excursion just to get my vanilla 🤪
  10. The only time I plan to get off the ship on our August sailing, other than CocoCay beach days, is to restock on Mexican vanilla 😂
  11. We book aft balconies or aft JS almost exclusively and thankfully have never experienced an issue w/ soot. Hope I'm not jinxing myself by saying it out loud...😵
  12. We're also currently booked on a cruise out of Sydney early next year and are losing hope it'll happen so we booked an alternate for 2022. Really bummed b/c we have family in Sydney we were planning to visit - have to wait another year now 😢
  13. Looking at Ovation and/or Quantum to NZ out of Sydney in Feb 2022 (our backup sailing to our currently booked Feb 2021 Serenade) - only JS available are midship - others say sold out - already or did I miss the release?
  14. LOL I remember that thread - it was hilarious!! 🤣😁
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