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  1. my 1st solo cruise and on this stop I'd like to go to a beach, I'm leaning towards Smugglers Cove as I would prefer a more laid back and quite beach. My question.... I've read about the open air busses at the port... is there one for Smuglers Cove? Do they run continuously from the port to the beach or are their specific return times? Thank you!!!
  2. Yes we arrive daytime....water taxi sounds fun and a unique thing to do!!! are they available right at the airport? easy to find and figure out which one you want/need? thanks!!!!
  3. Getting close to our Cruise on NCL Jade!!!! Flying into the Marco Polo airport in Venice, what is the best or easist way to get to the Port? Mobility is not an issue.... Just two of us.... THANK YOU!
  4. hello all! all I find is it says PORT OF ITALY, and the itenary says Venice, but Civiavecchia is closer to Rome than Venice and im trying to figure out which airport to fly info? thanks!!!
  5. Loved the review and Pictures!!!! am thinking of this cruise next year with my mom, 80 and she can not walk long distances... we use a small transport wheel chair. Is that doable? we would do private tours when able, like yours.... at times when its to much walking or rough terrain she would stay with the vehicle and driver.... just wanted to know if this doable? thank you!!
  6. going to be in Cabo Feburary.... 4 adults, one with mobility issues but can get in and out of a boat.... is there a smaller tour company (I dont want to go with a huge boatload of people:eek:) that anyone has done the Lands end tour with? would like to see the Sea lions also, maybe whales? Thanks!!!!!
  7. I'm reading that Sarchi is to be the handcraft place to visit.... not that I want an Ox Cart :D but they say over 200 shops.... anyone been there? Was it worth it to you? Variety? Priced reasonably? How did you get there and how long did it take you? Thanks!
  8. Got a great $100 OBC for my past Feburary 2013 cruise from HSN. I see HSN has a new offer, speciality diner for two plus a bottle of wine onboard at Ocean Blue by Geoffrey Zakarian, plus $300 in e coupons... has anyone received this yet? Personally id rather have an OBC but free is free :D. Do all the ships have this Ocean Blue as ive not heard of it so must be in the new ships? if not, then what? Thanks!!!!
  9. kas37

    Kenai Fjords AND PWS?

    Good afternoon! looking at a end of June DYI land tour before our cruise..... going to be in Seward and Whitter.... Looking at Major Marine, is doing both the Kenai Fjords and Prince William Sound trips to much duplication? Is Kenai more wildlife and PWS more Glaciers? Dont want to miss anything but certainly dont want to duplicate.... thanks for all your help!!!
  10. good morning! Looking at an Alaska cruise in 2014 with DIY land tour. will be a group of 4-6 couples..... trying to see what we can as well as taking time to relax and "smell the roses". any suggestions on if this looks good? what would you change? what would you not miss? is there to much time in Seward? what else would you do? Where would you stay? thank you all for your knowledge and experiance!!!!! :D 1Saturday June 21st-fly to Anchorage overnight in Anchorage day 2-Sunday June 22rent car-travel to Denal-iappox 5 hr drive overnight in Denali day 3-Monday June 23rd Denaliraft trip 3-4 hoursover night in Denali day 4-Tuesday 24th Denali Tundra Wilderness tour 8 hours overnight in Denali day 5-Wednesday 25th travel to Anchorage appox 5 hr drive-turn in car overnight in Anchorage day 6-Thursday June 26th Train to Seward 6.45am - 11.05 overnight in Seward-Holiday Inn day 7-Friday June 27th Seward overnight in Seward-Holiday Inn day 8-Saturday June 28th Major Marine - Kenai Fjords 10am-5:30 overnight in Seward-Holiday Inn day 9-Sunday June 29th transfer??? to Whitter 3 hours (what to do here?) overnight in Whitter day 10-Monday June 30th-board NCL Sun 900pm depart
  11. Am looking at an Alaskan cruise that stops at these ports. My mother can walk but only short distances so we use a wheel chair. Will we be able to push her around these towns? I couldn’t tell whether they had sidewalks or if the streets were paved? :confused: Thank you!
  12. DOING DIY land portion, Will be several couples in the group... driving from Anchorage to Denali and thinking of staying overnight in Talkeetna. any Suggestions? Is there much to do there? maybe we should stay 2 nights? thanks!
  13. kas37

    Auora borealis

    when is the best time to travel to see the northern lights?
  14. just flew back from MIA yesterday (Sunday) 10:40 flight..... 4th time we have done that flight time when back from a cruise, never had an issue. Was to disembark at 8... all 4 of us were ready to walk off at 7... they gave the all clear at 7:30. Had to pay customs and then wait for a cab for 4 but was at the airport at 9. I will always take those early flights, just be ready to walk off the ship with all your luggage as soon as the ship has been released... good luck and have a Great time! :)
  15. kas37

    Cas Abao or Porto Mari?

    Need opinions from those that have been there! Going to be is Curaco on a Monday next month 8am to 5pm. hubby, me, my sister and our Mom... Sis and I want to snorkle from shore, Mom and Hubby will lounge in the shade & sun ... of coarse we want to have liquid refresments available! Which is the best? Least Crowded? How far via Taxi from the ship? thanks!