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  1. Never want to spend other peoples money, but can't imagine getting a better bang for your buck than here for 55. We are getting dinner and a show that is technically incredible. Little chefs are on your plate! My goodness, kudos to all the creative people who put this all together for us. Our friends saw this same technology at Napa for 200/pp and loved it. Our family talks about it all the time and can't wait to do lpc again on our cruise again next summer.
  2. Less hectic than Royal which might be a good thing
  3. yes do a little research - but a good deal can be had
  4. such a good point - and even add with these boards. You need to bring a little something to the party. Being open to new adventures and having a positive spin plays a huge role in how you will enjoy the cruise.
  5. I think the rule is good - but I did see people in shorts at dinners?
  6. Glad you loved Edge! We do too. Loved that you saw some imperfections but that didnt stop you from giving it a overall positive review. No ship is perfect. You can find fault with any cruise line - but certainly Edge is trying hard to give us a good time and succeeding the great majority of the time We love the whole Rooftop area and even catching a movie at least once a cruise. We are all fans of LPC too! We've seen it 3x! So unique, so clever - the best dining experience we've had on any cruise line.
  7. great review and entertaining! We felt the same way Le Grand Bistro for lunch and Le Petit chef for dinner were both our top choices!
  8. saw people bringing water recently
  9. Yes we did LPC &Friends one night - there was an option to exchange the Japanese dessert, but we decided to "go with the show" - I was not expecting to like it - but I LOVED IT! For me it always nice to be pushed into trying something new (especially at this age!). We came back and saw the 2nd version with the Ice Cream Sundae - that was pretty great too! All in all LPC were 2 of the best evenings of our trip!
  10. larger agencies tend to have more advantages
  11. this would be wonderful to offer
  12. another big thumbs up for Le Petit chef - the technology is incredible and we just had a ball all throughout dinner. We've seen it twice and can't wait till next time!
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