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    Boxed Wine Question

    DId I say that I wanted to bring this into the dining room; Personally, and this is just my thoughts and opinion, I think it would be extrememly tacky to bring a box of wine to the dining room. If I want to drink wine int he dining room I will just buy a glass or more likely the bottle!:D
  2. CaribCruiser714

    Boxed Wine Question

    Thank you for all of your responses, it is much appreciated. I took it upon myself and gave Carnival a call and I was surprised with what they had to say. They told me that there is no wine limit. I had orginally read in the past that it was one bottle per person no matter how long the duration. We plan on bringing one box of wine on our carryon and the carnival agent stated that it would not be a problem what so ever. We figure we will have a glass of wine each night (there are four of us) before we head out. It should last without a problem. A little FYI, we plan on only bringing a box of wine. I don't believe in bringing excessive amounts of alchohol. I tend to play by the rules even with my relatively "young" age. If my bar bill is under $600 for the 8 day cruise I will be thrilled! THanks again for all of your help!
  3. CaribCruiser714

    Boxed Wine Question

    I am going on the Carnival Triumph and was wondering what the wine policy was on Carnival. I would like to know what the "formal policy" is and what the normal policy is. I know that you are suppose to pay a $10 corkage fee which is no big deal but we would like to bring one box of wine for two people. We wanted to bring it on our carryon and walk it into the ship. Will this be a problem? What fees are involved:D
  4. CaribCruiser714

    !!!!!!!Drinking Coupons!!!!!!

    I need some advice on buying drinking coupons. I have read a couple of reviews a few months ago but as the date for our sailing is fastly approaching I need help from the experts. Cruise Critic Members! I called Carnival today and the main question that I have is if you can buy the drink of the day with one coupon. I asked the lady and she stated you can buy a drink that is up to $4.50 in price. I then asked her what drinks would that include and she stated that she could or would not be able to tell me this information. My girlfriend does not like beer and I am not a fan as well. Anyone have any past experiences? All you help is deeply appreciated! Thanks again:D :D
  5. CaribCruiser714

    Help!! Playa Mia Beach

    I need help and information ASAP. I was thinking of doing the Playa Mia Beach Break for a couple of reasons. First, they offer a drink special and foood for $42 and second it just looks so much better than Paradise Beach (Website used for comparison) I have read multiple good reviews on Paraidese Beach and was wondering if I was making a mitake choosing Playa Mia over Paradise Beach. I need someone's advice. Thank you:D
  6. CaribCruiser714

    Help!! Playa Mia Beach

    Do we then purchase a ticket the day of ? Is there any possible way to get tickets before hand? Thanks
  7. CaribCruiser714

    Help!! Playa Mia Beach

    I am sailing on Carnival in March and have unfortunatly been informed by Carnival that it will cost $77 for the Playa Mia Beach Break (All Inclusive package) and that is without a cab ride! I feel that is absolutly insane and am not going to buy tickets from them since it states on the Playa Mia Beach website a total of $42! I have emailed them a few times but no response. I was wondering where I could find tickets and if anyone had any reviews? How much are Jet ski? Ect. THank you all of your help is deeply appreciated! :D