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  1. Here it is. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Gateway+Liquor+%26+Food+Mart/@60.1184419,-149.4416764,17z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x56c79b6ef22affc5:0x5be160c236d211bf!2sSeward,+AK+99664!3b1!8m2!3d60.1041667!4d-149.4422222!3m4!1s0x56c79c77d26d1dcb:0xda994706352641b6!8m2!3d60.1188438!4d-149.4409161
  2. Catch the free town shuttle and get off at the stop across from The Train Wreck plaza. (A group of businesses that are housed in old train cars.) There is a convenience store behind the restaurant where you get off and they sell beer, wine and liquor.
  3. Has anyone ever sailed the Queen Elizabeth? I just got home from an Alaska cruise on the Celebrity Millennium with another couple. We are already planning another cruise in AK in 2 years. It was the first cruise for all four of us, and we have nothing to compare to our experience on the Millennium. We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise and the service on the Millennium. What differences would we expect on the Queen Elizabeth? I see that Cunard has a 10 day Alaska cruise with her as the ship.
  4. I just stayed a few nights at the Residence Inn, Midtown Anchorage. It was a decent price and very nice. It is a five minute cab ride to downtown and 15 minutes to the airport.
  5. Take layers. That being said, I just got back from an AK cruise. I never broke out my fleece, wool shirt or other gear, except a rain jacket for a few drizzly days. It was 60 degrees the whole trip and even though I am cold natured, I wore a short sleeve shirt every day, except on Hubbard Glacier day. That day felt like we were in the freezer!
  6. All good ideas above, and will add a few more. You can make the five mile hike to Caines Head. It is a trail that follows the coastline and is rated one of the top ten hikes in AK. You could also visit the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward. We were there last week and it is a delightful sea life center with aquariums, fish, birds, gift shop, etc. You could easily spend 2 hours or 5 hours there. You could also book a half day of fishing for silver salmon. Check with The Fish House. You can arrange to ship the fish home. There is also good fishing in town in waling distance or taxi ride distance. The Fish House is a tackle store and can tell you where to go.
  7. I read on a recent thread that the flu was fairly prevalent on a cruise. Will Celebrity allow you to take a can of disinfectant spray on board?
  8. There is a fishing tackle store on Creek street that rents fishing rods and sells licenses and gear. They have opened Ketchikan Creek to king salmon harvesting this year. Non-residents may keep 2 fish a day of any size. The surrounding bays are open for king salmon harvest, and non-residents may keep one a day over 28 inches. If they are in the bay, I have read that people catch them from shore and docks. If they are running up the creek, there is an area upstream (I have read) where you can fish. All this comes from my research; check the tackle shop to confirm regs. They do change. If you do not want to go for a charter, go ask at the tackle store. You may be able to get in some good fishing pretty cheap. A one-day license is $25 and a king salmon stamp is $15.
  9. How long is the walk to the glacier from the visitor center?
  10. After the 1.5 mile walk to Mendenhall Visitor Center, what was the other walking you did, getting up to the glacier? Please elaborate. 🙂
  11. I am going on my first cruise in a few weeks. Someone told me to put my boarding pass in a plastic holder with a lanyard to wear around my neck, that I will need it for the whole cruise. Is this how I identify myself every time I re-board in ports? Will I use this when ordering drinks or other services? If yes, do I need the whole thing (4"x8") or can I just laminate the bar code?
  12. If you have a day to spend in Seward, there is a 5 mile hike (round trip, I believe) to Caine's Head. It is listed as one of Alaska's top ten hikes. The trail head is on the outskirts of town, a taxi ride away. The trail follows the coast line, and you cross a creek that has salmon spawns, depending on the time of year. July-August is the time for reds (sockeye) to spawn.
  13. King Salmon fishing is open this year in Ketchikan Creek. This is not aways the case. I have read there is a tackle store on Creek St that rents rods, etc. If you have an adventuresome spirit, you could do this on your own. Or you could find a guide in the area.
  14. Great questions. I wonder if Celebrity will cook our catch. Alaska Department of Fish and Game has opened Ketchikan Creek to king salmon (harvest) fishing this year and the surrounding bays too. Bag limit is one per day in bays and 2 in the creek. (Check local tackle stores for updates.)
  15. Is the roof top terrace on the Millennium open to all passengers? I believe the Retreat Sun Deck is restricted for Suite passengers, correct?
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