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  1. Earlier this year in Nassau I did a flight simulator excursion in Nassau. I don't recall any age restrictions, but it was really an awesome experience (so much so that I'm hoping to do it again in March when I go back). Glad to "see" that all is going smoothly for your cruising adventure!
  2. Just go to Izumi when you are onboard. I'm pretty sure there will be spots available (I know there were 2 or 3 who just showed up the day of the class I was in and they were let in as Izumi had set up for "X" people). I'd just go earlier in the cruise rather than later. Hope you get to do it and have fun! Happy Cruising!
  3. I would think you could skip the tuna (or let them know ahead you only can used cooked seafood). I just did the "regular set up", so I didn't inquire about about any changes.
  4. I enjoyed a tour that was a Flight Simulator. It was amazing! (yes, a jet simulator). It was a tour on Anthem for the 3/15 sailing, not sure if it's still offered - or you may be able to deal with the vendor directly. I thought it was something totally awesome to do (as I've been to Nassau a lot).
  5. I just did this on the 3/15 Anthem sailing (and I sail solo). I had a good time (although my tablemates were not exactly outgoing unless with each other). Still, I enjoyed the experience (and the sushi) enough that I will do it again if I get the chance on Allure or next year on Anthem.
  6. I have had the aft Haven suites before. Once, when travelling and a friend in a balcony was aboard, we both got the Vibe passes so we had a place to meet up/hang while aboard together. On the Breakaway, the concierge did offer if my friend wished to join me for lunch or dinner he would allow it (probably because we were both solo travelers, and, I guess he figured I was using a table for two anyway). We did not take them up on the offer as we had plans for the other specialty restaurants during the cruise.
  7. I'll be watching to see what happens for the Anthem's 8 day in March (I'm on that one). So far, it's still 7am to 7pm. Thanks for the heads-up!
  8. My favorite was the vegetable lasagna. Now, this is coming from someone who hates vegetables - and I ordered it every single time. Even got my Mom hooked on it too. She still talks about it!
  9. I do know that certain anti-convulsants are issues at certain countries outside the U.S. (I take them too). I normally have my pharmacy run out travel bottles (smallest size that will fit double the trip length) with the actual script on them like usual. If you are flying within the U.S. - you don't need to worry that you cannot fly with them (I would strongly suggest keeping them in carry-on luggage at all times). Only certain Middle Eastern countries (that I've found) have issues with some anti-convulsants (since that's all I ever checked). Once onboard, I set up my weekly pill minder and put the remainder in the safe. If I come back with extra - great. If I drop one or get delayed - I have extra so I won't be in panic mode. Happy Cruising!
  10. As for "interruptions" - LOL, it does seem like someone is always stopping by LOL. I put out the Do Not Disturb sign a LOT. Not ideal; however, I have a habit of taking a nap in the afternoon (on the balcony or inside if too hot/cold/whatever) - it's the only time in life I get that luxury. So, the DND sign seems to be the best method to keep the interruptions to a minimum.
  11. @bobbie0253 - I, also, have a severe bee allergy (amongst other critters) and I have not yet seen a bee (or any like - hornet, wasp, etc.) in Central Park. I *have* had the sometimes visitor when docked on an ocean-view balcony so I would suggest a bit of caution when the ship is stationary (also, on pool deck, on Allure, the pool nearest the bar - I've seen yellow-jackets or similar there as well as the seating nearest the bar). Underway, though, generally I've found it pretty safe overall.
  12. I always have my DL with me since many stores require it if you use a credit card to make a purchase (and, after all the cruises, I know they do check - well, at least I have been checked at the ports). This past cruise I had my DL and my Passport Card with me. Turned out lucky for me at Costa Maya since, with a Passport/Passport Card, there was some sort of tax incentive thing. I purchased at a store and they brought me with my ID to the teeny tiny governmental office that's in the shopping center. Within a few minutes, I was on my way and 2 days later, a credit appeared on my credit card. Everyone I knew laughed that I got the Passport Card (for "wasting my money) - but some are getting it now for the "just in case" situation. And, yes, it can be used as ID to return to the ship as well. Just FYI to all.
  13. A few years ago I purchased from Amazon a 4 pack of reusable wine bottle protector bags. They are triple zip lock at the bottom. So far, they have worked very well for me (for wine or liquor). And they take up no space in case I don't use them all. (Also, I'm not the most careful when I'm going home to situate it correctly and I overstuff suitcases - and, to-date, no messes yet at least).
  14. I believe the original poster is referring to the Black Cod dish (I had that for the first time on Allure this past September and it honestly changed my mind about liking 150 CP).
  15. I enjoy sailing Anthem in March (my usual "winter" vacation). I'll definitely miss her if she's not there and would hope that she's replaced with a comparable (Quantum). I'd prefer not to fly in March as I do in September to go on Allure; however, if it's just Adventure, I'll be flying both weeks I can take a break. I'm already getting myself used to the idea of it (not earth-shattering and certainly a first-world problem - just my preference to not fly in the month of March). And I really like Anthem (I'm totally hooked on iFly).
  16. I haven't been on Harmony - but have been on Allure (so, some similarities at least in some areas - but no slides). I have been on Anthem and am going again in March. I love Anthem as well as Allure for totally different reasons. The layout of each ship is different completely. I find Anthem has tons to do inside which is practical when you cruise in colder/cooler weather months. I love Allure for warmer-weather sailing months. I'm not big on the activities (age and, well, sheer clumsiness are totally against me), but, I love I-Fly on Anthem. The bumper cars/skating/SeaPlex is a super area (and lots have fun there). As Bob (Host Clarea) pointed out - you need to decide what is important to you on a cruise and then compare each ship to your "wants" and "needs". Then you can make an informed decision. Happy Cruising whichever ship you pick!
  17. Aw...another Lucy picture - don't you feel guilty with that looks she's giving? 😺 And poor Owen...I'll bet there are major puppy-dog eyes going on at home with his Grandmas! As always, thank you for letting me follow along on your cruising adventures!
  18. All I know about that menu is it's making me hungry for the serrano ham wrapped dates and the salmon! LOL Enjoying every moment of the review!
  19. Now *that* is something we would need an emoji for! Hope the you guys have a safe flight! ✈️
  20. I know that sometimes things like chocolates or certain candies are harder to find and, if I know they enjoy it, I'll bring it (definitely doesn't impact the tip at all). I know sometimes I like certain treats - so I just think it's a nice thing to do to brighten someone's day (and, let's face it, sometimes everyone just needs one thing to make them smile).
  21. Poutine is yummy - it's that Hawaiian Pizza we can't forgive you for (that, and Justin Bieber). (Thanks for the Lucy picture!)
  22. I removed my countdown clocks yesterday and just listed the cruises. I'm not sure how they calculate the 6 lines thing since I'm sure it shows more than that? But, it accepted it (for now at least). I'm going to have to copy my cruise list and keep it somewhere since this is the only place I have it so I remember ships/years.
  23. I've been having issues, but this just seems so incredibly...white...that my eyesight is flickering when I go on any page (except the reviews - those are better, well, a bit better as in no pain when I look at them/read). I need to try my night driving glasses to see if it will help when I'm home (though, can't use those at work since everyone will know something is up). LOL I'm sure it's really just an isolated problem with me. I'm just happy my sight was saved, so if I have to give up some things, I'm going to have to be OK with it.
  24. I'm definitely still having issues with "glare" (for lack of any better description). Unfortunately, after various eye surgeries, I have lingering (and, at this point, they are considering it "life-long") issues with white/glare (PVC fences kill me and I'm dreading snow). Unless I mess up everything else I use, I can't figure out how to adjust just CC to tone it down to where I'm not hurting and my vision doesn't flicker. If anyone knows how to do that, I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks!
  25. I love going to Izumi (and I'm not super-adventurous). The wait staff I've encountered have never made me feel silly about asking questions and, honestly, have been very encouraging when I used the chopsticks. They made sure that I got good at it. LOL I've found the food tasty and well prepared. Can't wait to go again.
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