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  1. Thanks, Ken. Usually I truly wouldn't kick a fuss, but (since you know some of what happened I think), I'm just a bit twisted with them right now (and they know it). I have 3 other bookings there that, once the dust settles, I will try to move (as long as I don't lose the OBC on those too - really hurts a solo traveler). Feel bad for poor Vicki though - she's probably about ready to cry.
  2. I know the TA I use (large and well-known) also charged me the cancellation fee that is customary. Not thrilled (adds insult to injury since I lost a LOT of OBC by cancelling this particular cruise). But, the high point is that during this mess, I found another TA that I will use in the future. I'm counting the losses as a very expensive learning experience.
  3. I had cancelled Monday with my TA and they e-mailed to me to say it was "in process". A friend on the ship texted me yesterday morning saying my reservation was active. After a total off 6 hours on the phone yesterday (thankfully, at work with a headset so I could just be on hold and work) with Royal (who couldn't help even with the e-mail chain) and various e-mails to the TA (getting more hot each time), I finally got an e-mail late from Royal cancelling my purchases and took the cruise off the planner. Nothing else yet (but, I figure at least if I have that, I can always fight for the FCC since it was cancelled in time). Cruise was scheduled for this Sunday, 15th March. I know they are all slammed - but it's a bit frustrating for us passengers as well. I did hear that Royal was trying to set up another way for the cancellations by TA to make the process go more quickly due to the unbelievable volume. I hope all get yours resolved as well.
  4. Earlier this year in Nassau I did a flight simulator excursion in Nassau. I don't recall any age restrictions, but it was really an awesome experience (so much so that I'm hoping to do it again in March when I go back). Glad to "see" that all is going smoothly for your cruising adventure!
  5. Just go to Izumi when you are onboard. I'm pretty sure there will be spots available (I know there were 2 or 3 who just showed up the day of the class I was in and they were let in as Izumi had set up for "X" people). I'd just go earlier in the cruise rather than later. Hope you get to do it and have fun! Happy Cruising!
  6. I would think you could skip the tuna (or let them know ahead you only can used cooked seafood). I just did the "regular set up", so I didn't inquire about about any changes.
  7. I enjoyed a tour that was a Flight Simulator. It was amazing! (yes, a jet simulator). It was a tour on Anthem for the 3/15 sailing, not sure if it's still offered - or you may be able to deal with the vendor directly. I thought it was something totally awesome to do (as I've been to Nassau a lot).
  8. I just did this on the 3/15 Anthem sailing (and I sail solo). I had a good time (although my tablemates were not exactly outgoing unless with each other). Still, I enjoyed the experience (and the sushi) enough that I will do it again if I get the chance on Allure or next year on Anthem.
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