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  1. I was on the ship for Dec. 5 as well and went to most of the evening shows. I was impressed with the singers/dancers. On other cruiselines they were a disaster but the singers especially (the girls) were very good. The first comedian Anthony/Andrew P? - none of us in our group were fans at all of his type of comedy. The second comedian, Lucas Bohn did the evening show and 2 nites later he did an "adult" version. It was unfortunately held in the new Spinnakers that was just re-opened and many seats were still not in. It was standing room only and it was too bad it wasn't held in the main Stardust Theatre. Again, it was a great show. The Legends were good, not great, although I wouldn't see it again. Overall I was impressed with the majority of what they offered. I'm a big trivia buff and was not a fan of it being held in the open Atrium so didn't attend any of the trivias, just heard them as I was walking past.
  2. B-May

    Getting to NOLA cruise port?

    Thanks. We're doing NCL so the elevator it is. Now for the weather to cooperate for our walk! We don't go until December.
  3. B-May

    Private Day Tours of NOLA

    Instead of renting a car one day and driving around the outskirts ourselves we thought it would be easier to have a guide drive us and show us around. We are in town for 3 nights after our cruise so will be doing the usual swamp tour, trolley adventures, etc. Does anyone know of a company out there that will take a private group of 4 for say 6-8 hours? I've not had much luck in google searching. Tx.
  4. B-May

    Getting to NOLA cruise port?

    We are staying at the Residence Inn on St. Josephs, near Julia. Are we able to walk down Julia and get to the pier? It looks like there is an overhead walkway but not sure how to get to it. Google satellite wasn't too clear. Tx.
  5. B-May

    Happy Hour on the Nieuw Amsterdam

    Don't forget both drinks must be the same to be part of the Happy Hour $2.
  6. B-May

    Half Moon Cay Question

    Was just there this week and the water was swimmable and so worth it. It is so clear and sandy, calm and gorgeous. May have only been in the 70s but no one cared. The air temperature was in the 80's. Just do it!
  7. I am sure this will be moved as I don't know where to post this item. People usually book private excursions due to cost factors, better tours, etc. For those of you who are so worried that you will not make it back to the ship in time I suggest you do NOT book anything but through your cruiseline which guarantees the ship will not leave. I had a couple of experiences on the Nieuw Amsterdam Jan. 6-18. We had one lady who was freaking out that we were going to be late getting back and we hadn't even left on the tour yet. And yes, we did leave as scheduled and got back in plenty of time. Due to her and another woman's concerns over the next 6 hours it made for a very unpleasant experience for the other 8 passengers listening to them freak out every 10 minutes. Not only did they have us mad (and we were too polite to tell them to shut up), but the tour guide was constantly having to reassure them that they would be back in plenty of time (it was not his first rodeo after all!!!), and he was getting pissed himself. Because of this issue we did not make two planned stops as he was so over their grumblings. I always book with reputable private tour companies, do my homework and know that their reputation is on the line as well if they miss the ship. They know what they are doing. Next time please do us all a favour and just book off the ship and don't ruin anyone else's tour.
  8. This may have been posted elsewhere but I wasn't about to read 79 pages! I just got off NA yesterday and found out, quite by accident, that the coffee tables (at least in the balcony cabins) actually can be raised. I was trying to move ours and it started to rise. Much easier to eat or have tea when it was in a higher position. Also, the cup holders in the main theatre are hidden under the arm rests. Just after I commented that there weren't any I stumbled upon them.
  9. We just got off NA and had 1st nite Pinnacle reservations. Well my roomie did as hers was complimentary for some reason. They told her it was for 6 pm and could not be changed. She had to ask if I was allowed to come with her (at full price which was expected). The place was dead! Each night we walked past there were lots of space, didn't matter what time. We also asked at Tamarind one night if we could get in the next evening and was offered any time we wanted - again it was very quiet in there. Maybe the specialty restaurants are losing their appeal. I was very disappointed in Tamarind - the service was great and it is unique but I was expecting more and thought the food just so so (I had the lobster and the sauce was very very salty). Worth a try but won't go back to either. Maybe it all depends on what you order.
  10. We sail in 10 days and I didn't think that a disembarkment excursion would sell out but they have (never had this problem before!). We have a late flight at 6:30 pm back to Canada. Baggage Direct won't work as it's domestic only. Anyone have any ideas? - we wanted to do a few things around FLL to kill time and now we'll be stuck with our luggage. I can't seem to find any day excursions that can handle our luggage and I don't really want to rent a car. Does anyone know if waitlist will actually clear and/or they may put on an extra bus? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  11. B-May

    Fix Anytime Dining

    I was on that 3-niter and it was a nitemare! First off, there were no excursions as it went from Vancouver to Los Angeles. And we always shared a table with others. After 1.5 hours of dining one evening I had to leave at 9 to make an event, even before the dessert menus came out. We had 2 tablemates (who completely ignored the rest of the table) who were trying every item on the menu and the waiter was insistent that the rest of us who had finished our mains were not allowed to see a dessert menu until they finished which I am sure was at least another half hour. The next night one person was eating their dessert while the rest of us were having our main so there is no set rules. On these 1-2-3-4 niters I think that Princess should abandon TD and just stick with ATD. This would free up all the dining rooms to seat people starting at 5 pm and line-ups shouldn't occur. I don't like ATD and prefer TD but with ships insisting on 530 starts and 830 late seatings it doesn't work when most evening events are 9ish onwards. If anything, it would be great if they maybe staggered the times to 530/630/830 so those getting back from shore excursions have time to "clean up" before dinner and not be so rushed.
  12. Well it had cleared the Lions Gate and was on its way to Alaska (I assume) and then when we looked over it was stopped like it was anchored and slowly turning in the water. Not sure if it went back to port after the Noordam and Crown passed by. It would not have been able to return until they made it through the channel.
  13. Was out watching the cruiseships sail by last night in West Vancouver and although the Infinity left first, it stopped out in the water in West Vancouver and just floated around. Not sure if it had a breakdown or medical emergency and had to return to the pier. Anyone know?
  14. We have our annual Christmas party weekend at the Delta Suites downtown. The location is great as well and don't forget it is a suite hotel so you will have a separate bedroom. The rooms are a great size. Not sure on the price difference when you are in Vancouver or if room size is important. Both are great locations near the pier and about the same cost to the airport. If you want to take the Skytrain from the airport to the hotel (which is cheaper than a taxi) the Delta would be closer if you are walking with luggage.
  15. Is there any benefit to purchasing these beverage cards as opposed to just purchasing each drink separately?