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  1. Just heard that Gordon Whatman will be the CD on Spectrum of the Seas. Anyone know how he is as a CD?
  2. I’m on my way back home [emoji22] Wish I had more time on the ship - preferably some more sea days. There was so much to do on the ship that I didn’t get bored. Only thing I noticed that once it got cold outside during a sea day the ship could feel a little bit crowded. Quebec City is a lovely city to visit and we got real lucky with the weather. It also was very nice to have an overnight in port. The first day we did a guided walking tour of old Quebec, which gave lots of information about the founding of the town and about the French and English influences. During the afternoon we went back to the ship to have a relaxing afternoon- it was very crowded in the old part of town since there we 5 ships in port that day. That night we had our last meal with our fantastic table mates and went for the last time to the Schooner Bar to listen to Giovani play the piano and play his music quiz one more time. Next morning we had to leave the beautiful Adventure. Disembarkation went smoothly until we saw the line for the taxis!!! Quebec City is not ready for the size of Adventure. So if Quebec is your last port make sure you make transfer arrangements before hand. We actually ended up walking to our hotel. It was not a very long walk and had to take the funicular to go up to Chateau Frontenac but the streets of old Quebec are not the easiest to walk on whit suitcases. It took us about 25 min to get to our hotel. We are very happy that we choose to walk over there cause we heard that people were standing in line for almost 1,5 hours to get a taxi. Once we were checked in we took a taxi to Montmorency Falls. The one way fare was $28 CAD. We ended up walking all the way up to the falls instead of taking the cable car. I really recommend visiting the falls on your own or with a tour but you defined cannot skip the falls when you’re in Quebec. During the afternoon we had a Food Tour which took us to different restaurants to try small samples of their specialty. This was a really fun way to see the rest of the town. We ended up having dinner at La Buche, which we visited during our tour and was located close to Chateau Frontenac. We were so tired of all the walking that we ended up going to bed fairly early. We really loved our trip and would recommend this cruise itinerary and the ship to everybody!! Unfortunately real life will start back up tomorrow but we’re counting down (212 days) until our next cruise! [emoji2] Spectrum of the Seas - Maiden Voyage - Barcelona to Dubai. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Forums
  3. I think there were Zumba classes by the pool and saw fitness classes in cruise compass. I can’t remember if they were free. I’ve saved everyone so I’ll check it when I get home. Internet for surf and stream on the ship was $19,99. I purchased it through cruise planner on sale. First time I purchased it I paid €12,50 which is about $14 per day. 2 weeks before the cruise a better deal came around and I canceled and repurchased for €10,50 / $11,80. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Forums
  4. Internet was terrible on ship last day. So wasn’t able to post anything. Will try to post something tonight. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Forums
  5. View of Chateau Frontenac from the ship Nice sneak peak of the ship. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Forums
  6. I can’t believe it either. The saddest thing was that we already received the luggage tags last night. [emoji22] Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Forums
  7. I’ve seen some foliage change in every port, except for Sydney since I didn’t get off the ship in that port. All the guides said that normally to early to see the foliage turning. So I think we were lucky [emoji260] [emoji260][emoji260] Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Forums
  8. Always nice to hear that someone enjoyed my country. Unfortunately Sydney is the only port I didn’t get off cause I got sick. Otherwise I would have gone to the Fortress of Louisbourg. I heard a lot of people saying that it was lovely going there. Luckily I’m feeling better. The medicines are really helping. Especially the one I have to take before going to bed. They really knock me out. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Forums
  9. They left the form in our cabin and we had to hand it in at Guest Service on our day in Portland. Two years ago I had to transfer planes in Washington and that went very quickly. I think the New York airports are just to busy or we got bad luck. Thanks. Are you not getting an overnight in Quebec City? Thanks!! Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Forums
  10. You’re welcome! I really recommend this cruise. It’s port intensive and there is so much to do in each port. But that’s something I really like. Definitely fly into Newark. JFK is at the other side of New York. If you fly in to Newark you’re closer to port and close to Jersey City, where we stayed cause of the PATH Station which took us right into Manhattan. I know... And it’s always too hot or too cold. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Forums
  11. Video of our port stop today! http:// Going to enjoy the evening. So I will respond to some people tomorrow. Just wanted to let y’all known I won’t forget you. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Forums
  12. Yeah! The medicine worked!! The syrup I have to take before going to bed knocked me out and made me sleep the night. So I was able to go on the private tour we had planned for Charlottetown, PEI. We did a tour of the Northern Part of the Island and visited Dalvay by the Sea, Stanhope Beach, Brackey Beach, North Rustico, three different lighthouses and the Red Rock Cliffs in Canvandish National Park. In the Town of Canavdish we saw all the historic sites of Anne of Green Gables. Before heading back to Charlottetown we had an amazing lunch at Carr’s Oyster Bar. The day started with sun and a clear blue sky. Luckily for us it stayed like this and the temperature was around 24 Celsius / 75 Fahrenheit. We’re heading for Quebec City now and before we get there we have a sea day tomorrow. The captain said that we have to slow down sailing some times because of the whales. So hopefully we can spotted some. I’m looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow. If you want to know something about the ship or cruise just ask me since I got time during the day tomorrow. @pingpong1, I ran in to your wife and her friends at Carr’s Oyster Bar. They were having a blast!! Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Forums
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