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  1. Thank you for this. I just got a refund today and was trying to figure out what it was - it was the Wi-Fi. We were supposed to sail on 3/14 and got all other feeds credited approx. 4/14. What was weird about it is that the credit card said that the refund was dated 3/15, but took a month to process? I don't know.
  2. If there is a penalty for cancelling (you don't get the top tier trip insurance) I'd let Carnival do the honors. I wish it would be a safe option for you by then. I'm just not holding out a lot of hope.
  3. Princess, Royal Caribbean, MSC, etc. had already released statements by the time I found out about my cancelled cruise that was leaving the next day - via presidential tweet.
  4. It's a good offer and a pretty necessary offer. Carnival was very slow to respond to the crisis so they have some serious PR points to make up.
  5. The other lines all announced earlier today. Makes me wonder if he's mixed up Princess with Carnival since it's the same parent company. No official word from Carnival. What a mess.
  6. The first time I've ever started packing our suitcases a few days out. I just decided that it was going to cancel from under us and decided to scramble to try to recoup losses for airfare and hotel.
  7. I hear you. I was really excited to go and had a milestone to celebrate, but public safety comes first. I'm honestly upset with Carnival right now for letting people get down to the port and turning so many away. I'm also pretty sure that all cruises will be cancelled after this weekend, because the email that I got was urgent for cruises departing 3/13-3/16. That doesn't bode well for cruises departing after that.
  8. The letter that your doctor will refuse to write is Carnival covering their butts. The good news for those of us will sailings scheduled to depart this weekend is that you can get a full refund (not just a FCC + OBC) for the whole cabin of the impacted member. Something to consider. Pretty much every line has cancelled sailings. Get out while you can. There's an online form to fill out in the email.
  9. I'm in a similar boat, pardon the pun. We're under 3 days away and things have really escalated in the last 24 hours. I'm afraid to actually pull the trigger on cancelling without the guarantee that I'll at least get a FCC. Can't get through on the phone and there's no other way to contact them.
  10. I was all in...until today. Unfortunately my cruise is planned for Saturday, so I'm beyond the cancellation window and can't get through. I'm hoping they publish a new policy that would give me the confidence that if I cancel online I can get at least a FCC.
  11. I'm so glad that they've actually started doing this. The "single flip flop left on a chair at dawn for a never visited chair" thing has always driven me nuts. I just want to be out there at some point for 30 minutes during the day. People on current cruises didn't have a lot of notice if they wanted to cancel. I'm thinking that the emptier ships will start this weekend.
  12. I sure hope that work is going to be paying them and not penalizing them in any way if they are going to unofficially keep them away.
  13. As of now we are still cruising. I'm worried about being stuck at the port and having the cruise canceled at that point, but it is what it is. We wouldn't consider canceling without getting change fees waived by the airline, too. I think that this is going to get worse before it gets better, and booking further out would just make it more likely that things are grounded/canceled. I am getting a little tired of the pity that I'm getting from people. Going on a cruise is supposed to make them jealous. 😜
  14. There should be downtime for everyone. If you think you have it, you stay home.
  15. Keep in mind that "mild" will still keep you on the couch for about a week and another week of feeling not great. "Mild" means "won't require hospitalization". This is according to Public Health.
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