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  1. Welcome to Cruise Critic, frogdream. I’m so sorry you experienced these, (understandably), exasperating situations. I’ve never had anything like this happen to me on any cruise line, but I usually have the beverage package and don’t use the spa. Good luck with sorting this out and be sure to spend more time here on CC before your next cruise to make sure you’re well informed in advance.
  2. We used Carmel Limo coming in and the driver was very nice and had a clean car. And the price was very reasonable.
  3. Thanks, NJH. We got back last Saturday and I picked the most 'New Yahker' porter I could find. I told him our sitch' and he took us up in the elevator to 2. He said we could call a car service or use one of the cabs already there. We went with a cab already there. Easy peasy! Thanks so much for your help. (As always!) 😊
  4. When we cruised on the Star to Mexico last December Cagney's was practically inedible. The pork belly app was shoe leather with uncooked fat on top- yuck! And the 'filets' were actually very tough top sirloin. And I use the term "top" loosely. We just got off the Dawn last Saturday and Cagney's was much, much better. I've learned to avoid the filets because without a doubt, they are NOT filet mignon. My husband got the Surf and Turf and didn't mind it, but I couldn't chew his steak to save my life. I got the shrimp skewers and they were good, but a little overcooked. When the maitre'd enquired I was honest but not complaining. I saw him having a discussion with the cooks shortly thereafter. Now that's good service! At least they're trying. So bottom line is, life is like a box of chocolates and grasshoppers should choose wisely.
  5. What Candi said. Bring your own. The kind you and your hair are used to. Just put in in travel bottles and carefully consider how much you’ll need so you don’t overpack. And have a great cruise! 😎
  6. This is what I’ve been stressing about. Should we just wait until the porter takes us outside to call for a service or Uber/Lyft? We used Dial 7 last time and the porter took us out at street level where the cruise buses were arriving/departing. We called Dial 7 and told them where we were, per the porter, but thirty minutes later there was no driver. We called back a few times and she kept saying “He’s there!” We finally found out, 45 minutes after debarking and dragging ourselves with our luggage, across the street to catch a cab to EWR, that he was waiting near that cab stand. Steam was coming out of my husband’s ears! So where are the delivery trucks in relation to the departure entry doors? I remember some port workers yelling at everyone to get out of the way anywhere near those doors. I DO NOT want to go across the street again!
  7. Ha Ha Ha!!! You betcha! (But Marty and I do have to go to Macy’s next week to get a few things for our cruise). I’ll be on bended knee begging our cabin steward for towel animals. (Not!). I like them...just not that important. It’s the lame excuses I can do without. 😎
  8. And if you don’t like the answer, call back and get someone else to answer your question. No two agents ever have the same answer. This is all based on the assumption that you didn’t use a travel agent. Good luck!
  9. Does anyone know the hours for breakfast and lunch in Cagney's/Moderno for non-Haven full suite passengers?
  10. Wow....that’s awesome! My DH will be very happy. And I’ll be very happy to let him be the Wizard and hide behind the curtain and watch tv all night if he wants to. I, personally, can’t stand light and noise when I’m sleeping. 💤💤💤 Thank you, dexddd and GrabMyWrist. You are very helpful!
  11. Uh....uh.....uh......a dromedary? 😀
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