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  1. Does Carnival ever offer deals or discounts on their drink package?
  2. I recieved a free extra perk when I booked through them. They just alerted me to a price drop, after final payment, and were able to get me OBC.
  3. Ah okay, it was telling me my check in was in complete and I thought that was the reason. But I just realized I missed another section.
  4. Does anyone know why NCL requires you to provide flight information if you are flying in? Is there a way to complete the check in process without doing so?
  5. Carnival's Pizza is wayyyyyy better than NCL, especially since they have the option of fresh made personal pie. NCL is meh at best.
  6. For those who did not book excursions in Costa Maya, how did you spend your time? Were there things to do that weren't too far from the ship?
  7. Ive gone on with whole bottles of lotion, shampoos, sunscreen etc. most of it already opened. If you are really concerned you can just bring a copy of your prescription.
  8. Is there only one Maitre D named Sasha?
  9. I can never understand how someone else's outfit can impact a person's enjoyment or experience at dinner. If the visual is that disruptive you can literally just look somewhere else. People allow others to steal their joy way to easily.
  10. The comment does answer your question, no you did not need to get that drunk as soda is included... Also, no once can really answer your other question ("Where did I get the idea that soda wasn't part of the deal?") as we can only speculate your thought process.
  11. What is your purpose of sitting at the bar? Resting your feet, having a cigarette, enjoying the view, people watching, meeting/talking to others? Any of those things you can do with or without a drink in your hand. You are over thinking this.
  12. It was never that busy or crowded when I went in May. You have to call to purchase the passes.
  13. I guess the question is are trying to sell them at cost (which would be $150) or make a profit?
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