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  1. yogurtpo3

    What’s the towel situation like on Princess?

    On my last trip we were going through Fjordland scenic cruising in New Zealand when it began pouring rain. Many of us on deck admiring the scenery just headed to the nearest pool, took a towel or two and used it to shield against the rain!
  2. yogurtpo3

    Can someone explain 3 for three?

    Oh blimey, is that what it is! Here I was thinking they let you have a third person in your cabin for free! Now that would be an awesome deal...:p
  3. yogurtpo3

    What happened to the Bars on Sky Princess

    What? The karaoke suites and tea bar were the only Asian market features I liked! :eek:
  4. I grew up in Darwin, and maybe it’s a bit of childhood nostalgia, but if they have a tour there I highly recommend the Wildlife Park! It’s not just the animals, but lots of different habitats, forest walks etc.
  5. Latest news is that they’ve called off the search and that it was an intentional jump... :(
  6. yogurtpo3

    How "dark" are inside-cabins ?

    I loved the darkness of the inside cabin, slept like a baby! But yeah, definitely pitch black and no way to tell night from day. Got a balcony room on my second cruise and while I loved the morning sunrise photo opportunities, I definitely didn’t sleep as well (though that could also be because the second time I was with my grandma and she needed to keep the bathroom light on and door opened for the first half of the trip to get to the bathroom. I eventually bought her a torch so I could get some sleep through the night!).
  7. yogurtpo3


    I had a scan through the catalogues before, but had a difficult time finding the regular songs I would sing at karaoke (maybe they just don’t like the 90s/00s - which is my era). Another lady was looking with me and had the same issue of not being able to find anything to sing... so I dunno. They did have Frozen songs though so it’s not all old stuff!
  8. yogurtpo3


    Hey, I loved Kory’s singalongs on my last cruise! Became a regular at Crooners just to listen to him and had a ball every night! Not that many people sang a full song ala karaoke there, I remember maybe two people who performed there with him accompanying on piano, and they were both decent (esp compared to the ‘talent’ I heard at karaoke!).
  9. yogurtpo3


    I thought anyone could participate, just go up and request a song? Perhaps the song choices for teens may be a bit limited though - unless the teen also fancies themselves the next Sinatra!
  10. yogurtpo3

    On board "Seminars", buyers beware

    Haha, my parents got suckered into going to a shopping seminar on their first cruise while I was off learning how to draw at art class. Afterwards they were like “you missed out, they told us where the good deals were and everything at the ports!”. I was like... “no mum, we’re not going to them!” Although they did get recommended to go to an ice cream store that we ended up visiting and it was pretty awesome!
  11. yogurtpo3

    Cruise ship innovations

    As someone in their 30s, and still physically able to do all the go-karting, sky diving things, I would still much prefer they put in more entertainment in the form of enrichment classes, dancing and music rather than all that. If it was just me in the ship I might enjoy it more, but lining up amongst thousands of people to have a round of go-karts isn’t something I think I would like to spend my cruise time doing?
  12. yogurtpo3

    Cadbury World in Dunedin to close

    Thanks for all the suggestions! Hoping to do another NZ cruise next year (haha, yes, I enjoyed the one in March that much!), so will be searching for something to do in Dunedin. The steepest street I remember they talked about at the factory, how they would have a jaffas race down the street. Sounded amazing! And the castle looks like something I would love to visit too!
  13. yogurtpo3

    Cadbury World in Dunedin to close

    Oh how sad! I was just there in March and when the guide was telling us about the factory closing one of the questions asked was about jobs, and in her answer she said something along the lines of “luckily I’m part of Cadbury World so I’m okay.” Poor guide! Good to get a hospital though for the community. What other sites of interest are there to visit now in Dunedin now aside from visiting the train station? (the cruise crew just recommended the chocolate factory so that’s all we knew to do there!)
  14. yogurtpo3

    Laundry rooms

    Well, I’d definitely rather expensive drinks and bottled water than lose the laundry. I can forgo fancy drinks and bottled water, my clothes still need to be washed!
  15. yogurtpo3

    Laundry rooms

    I sure hope not! I love having the option to do your own laundry and use it all the time when I am on a cruise!