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  1. Do you pay with Sail and Sign or cash and credit on HMC?
  2. It was my very first cruise after graduation and it changed my life. I feel in love with cruising and Carnival on that trip. It was out of Port Canaveral in June of 1996 on what I'm pretty sure was the Ecstasy. Any chance Carnival will add this to my cruise history? I know they don't really have records past 1999 but thought I'd check here.
  3. Yes. You can arrive as soon as the port opens to check in and will be able to board as soon as the Diamond and Platinum members board.
  4. I'm sailing on the Elation out of Jacksonville slated for a 4:00 PM departure and was wondering how early I can arrive to check in with the Faster to The Fun pass? Thanks!
  5. Because it means my wife, who does drink, butnot drink as much as me, also has to purchase and I have to drink her share and mine to break even. 😂 😂
  6. Also, are you able to use Cheers program to order drinks at Half moon Cay?
  7. Have done this once and thought I got my money's worth but I think it basically forced me to drink more than I would normally just to make it worth it. Had lots of fun, but ended up hungover a few times. Good thing alcohol is the best cure for a hangover. 😂 😂
  8. Thanks. I'm definitely going to calll, just want to see if there's leeway or a good method to making my request.
  9. Does Carnvial still grant extensions on the final payment. I've put down an over 700 dollar deposit but the final payment has fallen on an off pay cycle and an unexpected event has occured. I could use another week but don't want to lose my cruise! Any tips/advice is greatly appreciated!
  10. I just booked a cruise that leaves on 6/18 and not surprisingly FTTF is long gone. Does anyone know if they still add more or if it's worth checking to see if anything opens up? Or has the ship sailed on this for me. (Pun intended) Thanks!:D
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