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  1. I'll be leaving on the Conquest January 27 out of Ft Lauderdale heading to Bahamas, Grand Turk, DR. Does anyone have a recent Fun Times they would be willing to share for that route? I'm such a planner, it kills me not to have each evening planned out! Lol thank you!!!
  2. Why are they closed? Is that temporary or permanent?
  3. #homeschool Lol but seriously, I love vacationing the second week in January with my kids, it's the only way to go!
  4. I'm on this cruise Jan 27 - Feb 2! Can't wait!
  5. Oh wow, what an awful way to begin vacation :( (The person with the emergency, not the poster lol)
  6. I disagree. My kids have talked about it and I personally would book a cruise on a ship with that for them and I think they would be HIGHLY disappointed if it were down for maintenance.
  7. Yes the third and 4th people are way way less than the first 2
  8. Lol wow this is educational! Thanks for the heads up! I'll add it to the list .
  9. Why would one bring toilet paper on a cruise? I've never been so I'm very curious.
  10. Well if that's not enough to convince me! Thank you all!
  11. What are some things that you have personally experienced when you've needed to use insurance, or that have happened and you wished you had insurance?
  12. Wow! I've had a couple minor incidences (like being bit by a Monkey in Mexico, falling off a high diving board in Jamaica, stepping on a kabob skewer impaling my heel in Mexico, etc) but those are some pretty serious incidents!
  13. Lol 72* sounds perfect! We had a pool growing up (in NY on Lake Ontario) and 68* was warm lol
  14. If it's not too personal, what was the emergency? Was it caused by something the resort did?
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