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  1. Thank you so very much for the info, this is one tour that we are so looking forward too. Looking forward to seeing you photos.
  2. Thanks for your write up about the village, I enjoyed it. We will be doing this tour next month on the Coral.. A couple of questions if you get a chance to answer. 1) the crafts in the village, what do they include?? masks/ etc..what kind of price range?? 2) approx what time does this tour start, I'm sure there are several.. 3) when arriving back to the ship, how long does everyone have to shop in Colon?? Thanking you in advance..
  3. Polar Bear


    We just want to relax on the beach with a few "cool ones" ...is there a beach close to the pier?
  4. If this is the case then why is it that HAL, Princess, Carnival, and NCL can sell in Canada. I have found so far that the cruiseline insuance is far cheaper than outside insuance companies in Canada. As an example..I have some pre-exsiting things.....our Blue Cross here was going to charge us over $ 700.00 for insuance and they could not give us a guaranatee. Just an FYI there is a thread on HAL about their insurance policy...very interresting, all about their pre-exsiting, cancellation policy etc.
  5. I have a question about Celebrity's/RCCL insurance policy....why is it that all other cruise lines sell insurance to Canadians, but Celebrity/RCCL...do they have something against us???? Have asked the company...and got no where...was hoping someone here on CC might have the answer?
  6. Hi Corinne we now Santa and Bob, they are coming here when they leave the Crown...I am sure she is reading this tread. If not we will give her your message.
  7. Thank you for the info.....this is just what we want:). Now all we have to find a good restaurant..can you help us with this?
  8. Thank you now we have to decide what to do???~!!:D Horse and carriage ride sounds nice , then maybe dinner and a little dancing. Can we get the horse and carriage near the pier?
  9. Could you please tell me what will be open Dec. 28 2010 :confused::confused: What use we see? We have done the Rum tour.
  10. Swimmomof3....thank you for posting about the AQ cabin, we have 1601 booked for News Years Eve cruise , our first "X" cruise. Cannot wait to be reading and relaxing on this balcony :D
  11. Going to be in Cartagena in March 2011.....Rosario Island tour sounds wonderful......something our group would love to do...is the a tour operator that we can contact?
  12. Is this $9/person or couple?.......We just want a nice clean beach that is not going to be crowded as there are 3 sships in port the day we are there..Sounds like this is the place for us???~~!!!!:D....plus are the cabs the same $ from Crown Bay ?
  13. We renewed our vows on the Coral Princess last April'08. We bought the delux package(~$490)and it was worth every penny. Mr. Yang, Princess rep....walked us thur everything...from the music...the flowers.....what type of photos that we wanted...our vows,we did write our own, but the ones that Princess had where almost the same, so we used their's......to the number of people that would be attending.....as it turned out we filled the room. This was a reunion cruise for us ....so there was about 10 friends that where with us......at our CC M&G I had told folks that we where renewing our vows later that day and if they wanted to attend that they where more than welcome......my friend Santa(Scampi) stood up with me, we where outside the chapel door....when they opened the doors to the chapel, I started to cry...it was full. It was so beautiful...the captain said he had never seen the chapel so full.......after the ceremony he brought out champagne for everyone...then we all went to the Bayuo Cafe for dinner. We are so glad that we did this. We also had the ship leave the chapel web cam on so that our childern and freinds back home could watch ......from what I heard they all had tears in the eyes. What they say about Princess being the "Love Boat" is true for us and I hope that it is for you...good luck and congra's "Jamscckmc" Here is the to link the group photo: http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2789587140084305395fMZBSR?vhost=good-times
  14. When did they let you know that you where not going to Trinidad? You toured with "Thriller" a few years ago.....had a blast. Look for Barbados photos on the Sea Princess.....my webshots http://travel.webshots.com/photo/2699744410084305395IjHELa?vhost=travel Steve and his daughter are fantastic hosts
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