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  1. And those people who do not wish to dress up or do not have room in their bags for dress, shoes, tights, handbag, man’s suit shirt and tie etc have ALSO paid their money. And therefore it’s THEIR holiday. And if they don’t want to go to all the hassle of dressing up on their holiday then that’s their choice. A holiday is a time ro relax. If dressing up in a cocktail dress and shoes is not enjoyable to someone then why should they be forced to on holiday?
  2. Thanks for your response. I had simplified the question but actually thinking about it, I’d like for my teens (one booked in each room) and the two adults (one booked in each room) to be able to keep in touch via what’sapp on Wi-fi when the teens are elsewhere on the ship. I won’t see them for hours but would like to drag them out to dinner occasionally !! I was thinking that voom with “one adult four devices” would be cheapest way to do this and allow me to be given a code that all four of us can share? In that case though I think we would all need simultaneous access???? Help!
  3. Sailing on independence this weekend. I can’t stand formal things; dress shoes make up tights blah blah. I have two kids who are also unbothered. I just read a thread on here commenting that people who sail out of Southampton really go for it on formal nights eg tuxedos. my question is, does everyone dress up? What sort of % don’t? If it’s 50/50 then it doesn’t bother me to stay in my trousers and tops combos in the windjammer as I don’t do the restaurants anyway....but if I’m going to be the only one looking dressed up I may have to pack a dress! Can i I have the benefit of your experiences on this ship out of Southampton pls?
  4. Sailing on independence this weekend. Looks like you can’t book Grease or the ice skating shows ; or can you? If not, how much of a scramble is it? How early would I need to turn up to get four adjacent seats? thank you for your time and help!
  5. Hi have looked up on google and on this forum and have tried all the discounts suggested but nothing for after Easter this year; has anyone got a working code for AB parking Southampton please? Thanks !
  6. Hi Travelling with a friend on independence out of Southampton this week. Next door rooms but separate booking references as two different rooms. Question - we both want voom on two devices each ie four devices total. It it is cheaper for me to book voom for one adult four devices at 18.23 Gbp. But the royal Caribbean system when I’m trying to add that to cart is only showing an option for me and my child (sharing my room) to use that voom. Is is it a code they give out? If so will it only work if the device is in my room , does it somehow know my friend next door is using my code? Or doesn’t it matter? thanks!
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