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  1. I "think" that if and when it is safe to cruise, and if they can hang in, Windstar and the other "small" cruise lines will get more business than they can handle. I hope we are not priced out of that market.
  2. minidonuts85 Thanks for that info. I had no idea about those California ports. I wouldn't be surprised if the other ports on that cruise will close as well. I'm hoping things will change by June and we can re-book. No regrets cancelling but really sad. We were looking forward to it so much as we haven't been able to travel for a couple years. You made the right decision in my opinion.
  3. minidonuts85 I think you did the right thing.
  4. We cancelled the June 16th cruise since we haven't made the final payment due in one week. I'd rather keep the money and hope to re-book when and if things change. Who knows, maybe the virus will be gone by June and the Star Breeze will be ready and we can re-book. If not, another time in the future. Good luck to all of you.
  5. My TA thought if we don't cancel and take the credit, our "all in package" should be part and parcel of the future cruise. If the future cruise does not offer such, then it would be fare only. So, that should be true for the OBC as well. But all this is speculation at this point.
  6. OK, now the June 16 cruise says "Call for Availability". And, you can't make a booking for any cruise, something is up with the entire website.
  7. Thanks for the updates. We made a $200 deposit, the final payment due March 18th. We won't be making the final payment if we don't hear anything by then. CanadianKate, it is a generous policy, if one is able to cruise in that year (no one has a crystal ball) and, if you can find a cruise and cabin that matches your credit, i.e. will you have to add money or settle for less given the cruise and cabin you wish, a match to match may not be easy to find. In our case, our premium cabin included the "all in package" and I guess we will lose that too, since the policy says "fare only"
  8. good thing, because I'm sure people who are booked before June, were complaining
  9. My TA advised to wait until it gets closer to Final Payment time on March 18th, and I am under no obligation to pay
  10. I will contact my TA and respond when I get an answer.
  11. They better not charge my card for the final payment on March 14 (coming up fast) unless we get some answers here. I see red flags and I agree they better get their act together and get transparent quickly. Wouldn’t you think they are reading these posts?
  12. I wonder when we'll find out. I will lose my airfare I guess, we booked first class so it was expensive.
  13. Wow! I guess it would seem like being on your own yacht. And, as long as the people were fun and nice. Maybe I need an attitude adjustment!
  14. Spanky My I agree with everything you say. Our final payment is due on March 13th. I spoke with my TA, and he advised that we go for the cruise credit which Windstar is offering which will give us a year to re-book a cruise and I'm inclined to agree. You may want to consider purchasing refundable airfare, as well as non refundable hotels on either end if needed. He said we would not lose our Trip Insurance premium, if we re-book in one year. I'm just going to hold tight until mid-May and see what happens. It's all a roll of the dice though, because who knows what could happen to preclude us from booking a cruise in the coming year. Very frustrating. I too wish they would give more information of how things are going.
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