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  1. I'm going on the HAL, Alaskan cruise 2 June. Solo traveller on my first cruise, celebrating my 50th. Hoping to make friends so I don't spend it alone. Anyone else going?
  2. I think we would just call them chinos, or maybe khakis? I'm so looking forward to this trip.
  3. Thank you for this, it was very helpful. The rest of the thread has been interesting, to say the least. I'm interested to find out what 'docker pants' are!
  4. I'm actually doing an Alaskan cruise and getting very mixed opinions on the dress code for the Gala night. I think my rule of thumb will be that I always dress smartly when going out to dinner or in the evenings when on holiday elsewhere so I will do the same on the cruise.
  5. That's the cruise I'm doing. 2 June from Seattle. I will be celebrating my 50th during the cruise. First cruise, first time out of Europe and travelling alone! I'm hoping that I will meet lots of people and enjoy the Gala night!
  6. This is my first cruise and I was really looking forward to gala night, I even bought a new long evening dress for it. Now I'm wondering if it is even worth packing it!
  7. What a shame, I'm on HAL Eurodam the week before to celebrate my 50th. First cruise and first time travelling out of Europe!
  8. I'm going on my first cruise and am a single traveller. Sailing on HAL Eurodam 2 June, Alaskan cruise. Really hoping I meet some people as I'm celebrating my 50th whilst on the cruise.
  9. Single female sailing on HAL Eurodam June 2, 2018, Alaskan cruise to celebrate my 50th!
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