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  1. Thank you kfrodo & hallasm! I was pretty sure that was the case. 🙂
  2. Thank you flyer talker! It is my fault for not clarifying that I only take a “nonstop” flight. I do know the difference between the nonstop and direct flights; (I am embarrassed I did not write my question properly) many many moons ago, when I was younger, I was a travel agent. (That is why I always also check the different ways to book flights for cheaper fares, your other recommendation 👏) I appreciate the clarification, and you are right about checking in on different airlines directly instead of booking with one. It is something that I do. I was just trying to find out if I did book on
  3. This is a general question. I usually make sure that all my flights are direct, however, I am scheduled for a River cruise in August 2021 (I hope 🙂 ) and there are no direct flights back from Budapest to Newark. Can anyone tell me if I have to collect my luggage when I get to a Germany airport (Not sure which one will have the better flight), and then recheck it, or will the luggage be booked straight through to the USA- This is will tell me how long of a layover I need. I am most likely booking through United- but it looks like a Lufthansa flight, the whole ticket will book through United
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