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  1. We cancelled our May family cruise on the Eurodam on 10 March. The next day we got email and a credit on our AMEX for all the excursions booked. We are still waiting for the actual refund for the cruise itself. We cancelled our September 2020 cruise two weeks ago. Not counting on seeing that money this year. We're holding on to our reservations on the QM2 for September 2021. Hope springs eternal.
  2. I saw several recent reviews. Here's one dated 23 March 2019 which mentions it with a pic. https://cruisemaven.com/holland-america-eurodam-review-alaska-cruise/
  3. I just saw several 2019 reviews and blogs mentioning a new screening room with pictures of a room with black leather recliners. I know this room did not exist in September of 2018, my last cruise on the Eurodam.
  4. Ah, thanks for answering. So the screening room they just reinstalled will be dismantled again? I really don't think they need a dedicated space. Closing up Lincoln Center so the dining room crowd noise doesn't disturb is something they really need to do.
  5. Recent reviews have mentioned a 40 seat dedicated movie theater aboard the Eurodam. I have sailed on her twice in 2018 and there was no movie theater. What deck did they put it on and what room/lounge was sacrificed?
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