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  1. KK, Sorry to hear about this. I hope you have a speedy recovery and will be cruising soon. :)
  2. ?? I looked on Trip Advisor and couldn't find a hotel by that name in Cancun. :confused:
  3. LOL YES. Very unusual. I never saw anything like it. :D
  4. IF you want to go to a restaurant in PV I also recommend The Blue Shrimp. It is not all you can eat, but the shrimp is great. It is not within walking distance
  5. I found an AI much cheaper than a cruise. I just returned from 10 days at RPLA. :) I am comparing apples to apples. 10 days Same time of the year for both AI and a cruise. (Caribbean cruise) Size of room about the same. Taxes included in both prices When we cruise, we get an S cabin on Hal. Approximately 500 sq ft. Ball park cost for the cabin $6,000.00 This breaks out to 300.00 PP per day. (An S is not the most expensive on Hal. They also have a full suite) At RPLA we got an ocean view, Junior suite which is approximatley 500 sq ft. (my husband thought it was bigger than the cabin on Hal) Cost for RPLA room $2088.00. This breaks out to 104.00 PP, Per Day This was not the cheapest room availabe, nor the most expensive. (There was a Jr Suite , and a Full suite with multiple rooms.) Drinks and shops on Hal Our typical bill is 800.00 - 1,000.00 Drinks and shops at RPLA - 25.00 at the shop. ALL DRINKS are included (booze, beer, sodas) Tips on Hal 11.00 PP per day. 220.00 (this is without extra tipping) Tips at RPLA - included in price. (we did tip certain people extra) Plane fare - we used FF miles for both. From Atlanta you can get air to Cancun for maybe 100.00 to 150.00 more than Florida. (almost 100.00 is in Mexico taxes) One benefit is a hotel is not needed the night before. This is optional for a cruise, but we usually get one to eliminate the worry of missing the ship. Hotel would cost around 100.00 plus dinner. Service is much better at RPLA than Hal. Food was excellent, and better than Hal. (food is subjective, this is only my opinion) RPLA is not the top hotel in Cancun but it is not anywhere near the bottom. I did price some "top of the line" AI's and they were running around 3,000.00 - 3,300.00 for 10 days. Still, much cheaper than a cruise. Tours are optional on both a cruise and a resort. We did not take any in Cancun. I found the prices not much different than cruise tour prices. Both have shows each night. I would say the shows were almost equal, maybe with RPLA a little better. (again, this is subjective) Transportation to and from the airport was included in the price of the AI. We did tip the driver a couple of bucks. For a cruise it would be around 30.00 round trip. Since the AI price was cheaper, trip insurance was also less than a cruise. I think an AI can be a much better value. ;)
  6. Good news for some, bad for others. :mad: We have to save our money, or points to fly business due to a medical condition. Air Tran was good because it was not too difficult to get a business class ticket with points. SW has no business class. From a business standpoint I am sure they will take out business on the Airtran planes, add an additional row and additional seats. My other choice is Delta, who is ridiculous when it comes to trying to get 2 business class tickets. The number of points required is highway robbery. :rolleyes:
  7. Bonaire has the best snorkeling. :)
  8. My comparisons on AI and cruises are the complete opposite. I have an AI in Cancun booked for Oct. for 10 days. It is not the bottom of the barrel resort. It is less than 1/3 the cost of a cruise and that isn't including the tips the cruise ships add on. I usually book a SA suite on Hal. The rooms sizes between the hotel and the cruise cabin are about the same. I am comparing the rooms to the SA cabins on Hal which are 1 step down from their multiroom penthouse. The AI drinks are included which are bottled water sodas, wine, and booze. The cost of drinks on a ship can really , add up. The frig in the room is stocked with sodas, water, and beer. Also, there are 3 bottles of booze in your room at this resort. For me an AI works. We like beaches and pools and just like to relax. You can take tours if you choose.
  9. I think all inclusives are cheaper. All drinks are included. Rooms sizes are larger. There are some excellent deals out there. Most agencies that specialize in AI's offer packages that include air. I would say that 99% of the prices include taxes, and gratuities. Lots of information on Trip Advisor, CC's sister site.
  10. This thread should be for people who want to discuss their hcg diet, NOT be critizied for it. :mad: It is VERY RUDE to belittle people for their weight lose method.
  11. ROTFLMAO :D How about Willima Hung "She Bangs" Another favorite - The guy who say "Like a Virgin"
  12. But they don't enforce it. :cool:
  13. Another vote for the Embassy Suite. :)
  14. Another thing you should look at is the time at each port. Are you going to be in each port a full day or are some just a couple of hours ? What types of things do you like to do ? This could help answer also.
  15. I believe the OP did as much research as possible. How much research can a person do ? I don't agree with the comment "you got what you paid for". They did not. They got a sub par cabin. STILL upset ? I would be irate. I don't care if someone thinks the $430 is an excellent price or not. They should not have been charged. Hal should not be pricing these closet cabins at higher rate. :mad:
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