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  1. I've been trying to look into Suite information for the Odyssey without much luck. Looking into the Spectrum, it's been hard to find information on the "Gold/Silver" suite thing it seems they did as well. If anyone knows of anything regarding what the suite class will look like on Odyssey, such as suite lounge, Coastal Kitchen, etc, that would be great. Even the deck plans released are tough to decipher. Thank you!
  2. For the escape room, you must book through the cruise planner prior to cruising. You may be able to onboard, but spots fill up quickly. Also, there is a limit to the number of people allowed to participate, I think around 15, if that affects you with your number of travelers. But you can reserve the day and time on the cruise planner just as you do with dining reservations. You can also link guests from other reservations the same way as well.
  3. The ones on deck 11 are both going to be identical, just opposite sides of the ship. I would choose one of the deck 11s over the one on deck 12 because deck 11 will give you a larger balcony, and a better view of aqua theater shows at night.
  4. I can't speak on Symphony, but assuming it's the same, we had a cabin on deck 8 of Harmony near dazzles, and did not hear any disturbances or noise. They do well with containing the music. You should be fine!
  5. If it's still dexter on Allure, get to know him and he will help you out a bunch. Everyone has different needs, and you won't know them until on board. He is extremely kind and helpful!
  6. I haven't been able to find a straight answer on this. I'm looking to possibly book a Junior Suite and Grand Suite for 4 of us total. I know Junior Suites can usually get in for dinner, but is it possible to bring them as guests for breakfast or lunch? And then additionally to the suite lounge area?
  7. It is possible to do so and they will try and work with you, however most of the main times, 6-7:30, will most likely be filled once onboard. But yes you can stop by the restaurant and see what they have to say!
  8. So you know, suite lounge will only exist on the Oasis or Anthem of the 3 you are looking at. Adventure of the seas does not have Royal Suite Class, so the suite experience is not as luxurious as on ships like the Anthem or Oasis.
  9. Open, not busy at all, and a fantastic wait staff to take care of you on Allure. Make sure you eat there plenty during your cruise!
  10. I personally like planning it and buying ahead of time so you get the time and day that you want. I'm sure you'll be able to get a reservation on board, and might get lucky with a cheaper price, but the time may not be right for you. If planning around your dinner is how you like to do your cruising, book on the cruise planner.
  11. My family and I cruised on the Harmony of the Seas 2 summers ago, and are looking into another Harmony cruise this summer. However, we're having a hard time with the fact we'd be on the same ship again. No other dates or cruises work for us, so this is our only option, and we are deadset on cruising this summer. What are some reasons or things we might have missed that will help us feel better about cruising on the Harmony again?
  12. My family has had this same issue and always chooses to not attend. However, last year on Allure we attended the Family Comedy show in the last day just to see how it went. It was the same comedians, but jokes that were appropriate and hilarious. Just as a Jim Gaffigan or Brian Regan can do it, these guys pulled it off tremendously and I recommend giving the Family show a try. It's not a little kids show, it's just clean jokes.
  13. I have been on the first three Oasis class ships 3 years in a row (In the order of Oasis, Harmony, Allure). So I was on the Harmony in August of 2017, and am looking into going again this August. I am wondering if there have been any small adjustments to the ship since then. I know she hasn't been dry docked, so this just out of curiosity. And if there haven't been any updates, what are some lesser known things to do on Harmony that I might've missed before? Also, does the suite life on Harmony have any differences compared to Allure or Oasis? Thanks all!
  14. You can show up at any time and get on the ship when they start letting others on. The times are just there to try and spread out people throughout the day and making it less crowded.
  15. Allure had them when I went last august
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