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  1. Thank you all very much!! Very helpful!!
  2. We’re going on the seaside in a month! We want to do teppenyaki. Online all I see to purchase is the “discover Roy’s cuisine” for 65 a person. It’s not too much but I have seen that teppenyaki has 3 different packages and prices! We won’t eat at the sushi and my wife won’t eat at the other restaurant so it be a waste of money to do the package. My question is do we just have to wait to be onboard to just purchase the teppenyaki? Thanks all!
  3. We have been to san Juan on carnival, but I was curious the nest things to do since the ship doesn't get in to port until 5pm. I know the forts will probably be closed. we want to skip the MSC shore excursions. BTW we are a fairly active mid 20's couple, but also like good food and drinks. thanks for any suggestions in advance!
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    Thats a wonderful idea! Thank you. I saw that but nowhere to order them, but could order everything else. Oh well. On to plan b.
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    That sucks! But that thanks for the response!
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    I just booked me and my wife for a trip on the seaside in August. I usually always “surprise” her with flowers in the the cabin before we sail. I’ve found strawberries and wines but not flowers. Does MSC offer this at all?
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