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  1. This. Just take care of yourselves as well. Get plenty of Vitamin C & D, eat right excise as you can. If you do not have underlying medical conditions you will be fine. Remember there is a 98% recovery rate of this thing. I understand you are older but if you do the things above you'll be fine. What the media is barely covering is the people that recovery from this. They are of all ages.
  2. We sailed out of Miami back in May and used Avis. Avis is a few blocks away but offered a free shuttle to/from the port. I would have walked but getting over the causeway bridge looked dicey on Google Maps. We did the same thing you're talking about when first boarding. Since we were sailing in a Grand Suite the porters took everything from us and my wife and kids just went up to the Suites boarding lounge and waited for me to return the car. Let me tell you it's so much easier just jumping in the shuttle with NO luggage for the ride back to the port. When we disembarked we were going to do the reverse if the Avis shuttle was full but it was not and we were all able to jump in and load our luggage in the back. With my corporate rate it was so much cheaper to rent a car one way from the airport instead of taking Uber/Taxi/Lyft.
  3. Oh it's really up to the parents and child. Like I said I saw a kid barely big enough just walk right up to the blue slide that went straight down and just plunge right in it. This is a slide most adults were afraid of. If you do take him in start out with the smaller slides and if he's okay then go for the bigger slides. I will say this the workers are on top of things and it's safe.
  4. This depends. Some of the slides are pretty scary/intense. With that said I did see a kid barely large enough just fire himself right down one slide with no fear. One thing I always ask myself is if my child is "just" big enough how safe will they be? Remember most of these rides only require height but to me weight is equally important. A tall thin child is going to be thrown around in some of these slides and you will get a lot of speed built up. I will say this, if your son is tall enough, weighs enough and can swim without any support devices then it may be worth it if they use the slides. Has your son gone down larger water slides yet? There is a kids splash area that has smaller water slides right outside of the water park that is free to use. Had we known this going in we probably would not have bought my 5 year old a pass. She did use the wave pool (with her swimming arms on) but did not go down any slide. My five year old is about 44 inches tall and weighs about 43 pounds. She will probably learn to swim this summer but still isn't comfortable putting her face under yet. You may be able to contact RCCL and ask if you can get her a wristband to enter the park with you, but my wife and I just switched off riding slides with my older son and she played in the free splash area (which is literally right outside of the park).
  5. LOL, I walked through at midnight (rest of family was sleeping) and no one was there to bother me. I saw a bunch of Thomas Kinkade that I use as my computer background. I was like, why would I pay someone for that?
  6. I always thought it a weird mixture to suddenly buy expensive art while cruising. If you're going to drop a lot of money on art I would think an independent gallery would be the place to do that, not _______ of the Seas.
  7. No. The ship has a mixture of everyone on board. Being the ship is so large there are still plenty of spaces where seniors can enjoy quiet time away from kids. The schooner lounge on Deck #6 is usually very quiet. There is a Jazz club on Deck #4 and of course the solarium offers plenty of "kids free zone" space to relax. The main hot tub/pool at the front of the solarium is usually crowded but the hot tubs to the sides of the solarium (by the entrances) are usually relaxing. If you sail suites there is even more quiet space available.
  8. I'm not a Diamond but did sail GS on the Symphony a few weeks ago. It took me to the 6th day to even notice the DL lounge tucked way down on Deck #4. What a horrible spot for a lounge. Might as well put it on Deck #0 with a view of the ocean floor.
  9. RCCL takes this stuff very seriously. They have assigned a team to look into this.
  10. As others have said the CL is convenient to the CK and suite benefits. We traveled with two kids and had a GS on Deck #10 of Symphony (10254) and used the CK to eat almost every meal (never ate in the MDR all week). My kids don't take long in the bathroom but having an extra bathroom is nice. The thing we did enjoy about being in a GS was it's location for doing everything else. We were literally in the middle of the ship so getting to Deck #5 where most of the action happens was fast, getting to the front of the ship to drop our 5 year old off at Adventure Oceans (Deck #14) was fast, getting to the pools was easy or just about anywhere because of our location. If you're in a CL you have to wait for elevators sometimes to get all the way up to Deck #17 (or you have a lot of stairs). We hardly heard any outside noise in a 10254 suite since Deck #10 is nothing but rooms. Finally as others have said if you can't pick your CL suite you run the risk of over looking the basketball, mini-golf, flow rider area which can get noisy. To me I would only book a CL suite if you can pick a side room that over looks the ocean. If you want a GS pick Decks 9-11 (Deck #12 is right under pools). Of course any suite is better than a non-suite!
  11. It's hard to tell from outside the WP the line size especially on Daredevil since the line wraps up the steps. But as others have mentioned RCCL will work out better plans, the staff will get trained better and long lines for good slides are just the norm.
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