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  1. Is this only for rhose with food allergies? I have severe gastroparesis and Crohn's disease and have lots of food restrictions because of these diseases but I'm not "allergic" to them.
  2. Hi I love travelling but one thing that defers me is that I have an ileostomy. The ileostomy itself is ok but the stigma and judgmental people scare me. I do not want to get embarrased in public. The biggest worry are swimming pools/beaches. I can not completely hide my ostomy when in a bathing suit (but take note: you CAN NOT see the contents of the bag) and am afraid I will get kicked out of the pool because of uneducated people (an ostomy IS NOT like a diaper. It is completely sealed and the contents do not leak out) or people will make a scene. Do any of you have an ostomy and not get kicked out or witness people with ostomies not get removed? I thinking maybe I should print off some information from one of the ostomy associations and keep it on hand in case of this happened. I am NOT ashamed of my ileostomy and am willing to answer questions/educate people if they are generally interested and not trying to shame me. Also in addition to my ostomy I have severe gastroparesis and am on a mostly liquid diet (ensure, boost, etc). Would I be able to bring these with me? There's also a possibility that I will have a feeding tube by the time I get to go so are you allowed to bring a pump, formula and all required supplies?
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