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  1. We are booked into cabin #7340. Celebrity says the balcony is not obstructed. Has anyone stayed in this one - how is it? THX.
  2. Thanks so much, I will check those sites.
  3. Does anyone know if doing airfare (from Canada) with Celebrity - do they get you to Rome the day before or the morning of sailing? They can't give an answer until final Sept. payment. Thanks. Regardless, we are looking forward to a great trip on a beautiful ship!
  4. My sister and I are booked on this cruise, so interested in all your comments. Nothing could be rougher then around the horn of S. America. We had 3 1/2 days of waves smashing up onto the 9th floor balcony. Having said that the rest of the cruise was spectacular!
  5. Whoops, sorry I thought you were going to Tahiti, ignore previous post.
  6. Budaman recommended the Radisson Hotel to us. We stayed 4 nights, great hotel & very happy he told us about it! Beautiful black sand beach, lovely rooms that are huge!:)
  7. joycek

    To Budaman

    It has been pretty well covered what to take, now I will say what not to take - don't take too much, keep it down. It is totally casual. We got away with carry on bags, 1 each & I had a second bag over my shoulder. People had huge suitcases & on the way home said they never even unpacked it all. Now diving gear is different. There was lots of lost luggage (as in airline travel today) so keep that in mind. We wore on the plane light pants, a sweater, & windbreaker, & did not need them at all. It did help a bit the night we arrived home :confused: to a blizzard, minus 35 deg. C, & the taxi could not get up our driveway. Get me back to Tahiti, we had a super time. Bon Voyage to anyone going!
  8. joycek

    To Budaman

    :)Hi, We returned from our Dec. 7th Star flyer trip. I wanted to thank-you for all your advice, especially to stay at the Radisson. Loved it there, we had 4 days pre & 1 day post - beautiful. All the best, Joyce K.
  9. We got them by E mail today, they look adequate. Looking forward to seeing all of you on board. Here is to a super trip!:)
  10. Yes, see you on board, looking forward to a great trip!! I have called them several times, they don't seem too concerned, & will E mail me what I need by Friday. I asked them in the beginning to courier the documents, & not rely on the regular postal service to Canada.
  11. Have any of you received your documents for this trip? To date we have not & leave 2 weeks from today. If they are not here in a few days they will E mail us the necessities. Fortunately we have been before so know what to bring etc., also have good info from this site. Just curious!:confused:
  12. Hi Mike, We will watch that - thanks again. Joyce.
  13. My message wasn't there so I did another! Sorry.
  14. Hi Mike,:) Great pictures - thanks for posting. Beautiful! We are looking forward to our trip, & have taken your suggestion & will stay in the Radisson. All the best, Joyce.
  15. Hi Mike, Those are just great pictures, we enjoyed them very much! We booked into the Radisson, as you suggested, 3 nights pre. Can't wait for our trip to paradise. Thanks, Joyce K.:)
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