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  1. Yes. We too were supposed to go on Jade from Hong Kong to Singapore in February but cancelled before final payment because we didn't want to fly into Hong Kong during a protest. Would have made 25% on that cruise when it got cancelled. You make some good points about NYC and NYS not opening the port. They're saying on the news now all major lines have cancelled until September 15th, for now.
  2. Wow, where did this come from. Shows the Jade relaunch about 3 weeks after the scheduled TA on Oct. 31. Jade is currently at a dock in Naples according to marinetraffic.com. Just not going to know before final payment date. It was going to be such an incredible cruise and a great price, booked last year sometime, way ahead.
  3. We paid for a cruise Aug 31, 2020 out of Miami: canceled. Just canceled Flights from Indianapolis to Miami and back on Southwest. The charges are still showing as "pending" on my credit card. No refund from Southwest. Shows we have travel funds available. Funny how a few days ago we got the last 2 seats in category "want to get away" then yesterday there were 2 more seats in that category for $10.00 more one way and $20.00 ore the other. Wonder if they'll only have 4 seats left now. Like someone else said. It's not going to break us. We were really starting to get excited about getting back to
  4. I’ve been looking into another line and they have mini suites and club class mini suites. Their minis are larger than balconies and include a curtain between the sleeping area and sitting area and a tub with shower. Club class gives embarkation and debarkation perks like platinum, some wine and a separate area of the MDR with expanded menu options and no line. Oh, and fruit and/or canapés every night upon request. For the same price or less. Less now that NCL’s prices are going up.
  5. Last October we stayed in an owner’s suite on the Sky for a five day sailing. We received the regular sparkling wine for being platinum and a better quality bottle for the suite. Both were in the room when we got there. BTW, we got two meals for the dinning package and two for being platinum. Now only one on five day for dinning package.
  6. Sorry, didn’t take a tape measure. All I said was “is maybe 6 inches wider” and “about the only difference we noticed”. According to NCL site the size difference is 31 Square feet. Don’t know if they’re deeper, wider or more likely a combination of both. We were told that “some” have tubs and they would try to get us into a cabin that had one. Don’t remember who or when. We were on the poker cruise out of New Orleans December 1st. 2019. What would be ideal is if we, the members of CC, could compile a list of mini suite cabins that have tubs. You see, my wife really prefers a tub. Since we
  7. I used to think that a mini suite was a slightly larger balcony cabin with a bath tub too, until we stayed in a mini suite on the Getaway. That’s when we found out that the bath tub perk only applies to smaller ships. A mini suite on the Getaway is maybe 6 inches wider than a balcony. And a spa mini suite has a couple extra nozzles in the shower about belly and knee high. That’s about the only difference we noticed. I also noticed that NCL is selling what were once called Haven Spa Suites without spa access. So now you can book a Haven suite with a corner whirlpool tub, in the room/cabin, wit
  8. I know what you’re saying. We’ve been looking for a cruise that goes to St. Marten next winter. Norwegian only has one that I’ve found so far. Looking into Princess Cruise line. They have several seven day cruises in both January and February that go there. I don’t know how they pick their ports but, Norwegian doesn’t go to St. Marten very often for some reason. We’re Platinum, almost Platinum Plus, and if we go on it, it’ll be our first cruise with a line besides Norwegian. Maybe it’s time to try another line?
  9. Really good list. Do you have their Hurricane recipe? Trying to find it. No luck so far.
  10. We've never won an online bid before but, we did call and get an upgrade from a suite to the owners suite for $300.00 on the Sky about ten days out for a five day cruise. The guys in the suite next door told us they bid $800.00 online for the same suite. We started in a similar category. We booked last minute, about three weeks out, after cancelling a ten or eleven day February 2020 cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore.
  11. We were on Bliss last January. In a spa mini-suite. That's when we learned that most mini-suites on the larger ships don't have tubs. Just a shower with extra jets about chest high and knee high. And those may only be in the spa ones. I really thought that a tub was what differentiated a mini-suite from a balcony.
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