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  1. Plan to stay in Southampton 1 night pre in September - and want to be centrally located so we can see what there is to see - any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  We sail out of Mayflower Terminal and then come back into Ocean and will need to spend another night before the next cruise - opinions and suggestions welcomed.  Thank you - stay well and safe

  2. In regard to obstructed oceanview on Sapphire - please know that the obstructed window is behind the bed - so unlike a normal oceanview where you could at least walk up to the window you would have to stand on the bed to see out - they are all on Emerald deck 8 and there are varying degrees of obstruction and when bidding no guarantee as to where you would end up - yes you would have light coming through the window and maybe some slight view of the water but have to be okay with looking out at lifeboats, or the other obstructions - for an Alaska cruise so sad not to be able to have a true view - just my opinion - Enjoy and good luck!

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  3. On 2/23/2024 at 5:44 PM, no1racefan1 said:

    I posted this in my Alaska thread but wanted to share it here too. I've never been through the upgrade process. Today is exactly 85 days out from our cruise. I haven't received any email notification about upgrades but I logged in and checked and they were available. Just sharing here for more data points 🙂


    Upgrade choices offered to me are:

    Standard Balcony, starting bid $620pp. Balconies are currently selling for $901pp more than Interiors, so a decent bargain, but still too rich for me.

    Premium Oceanview, starting bid $330pp. Current selling price is $396pp more than an Interior. I guess this is a deal if you really want a Premium OV, but I'm not interested.

    Oceanview, starting bid $275pp. Current selling price is $351pp more than an Interior. A better deal, but still more than what I'm willing/able to spend. If this was the balcony price, I might go for it 😄

    Obstructed Oceanview, starting bid $20pp. There are no obstructed OVs currently available for sale, so I don't know the selling price. However, I'm gonna guess it's at least $200 more than an Interior, so this is a really great deal if you can get it for the minimum bid amount. Now the question is whether I should go for it..... 


    I need to do some more research into where the obstructed OV cabins are on Sapphire Princess. Anybody have any insight to share?


  4. Ken - Thanks again for all the information - in regards to the Laundry - we too are elite and are going on the 32 day next month - I was under the impression that it is only for machine washables - and no hangers just comes folded?  We were on several years ago and everything was returned to us in a bag non folded and horribly wrinkled - I am hopeful that was just a mistake but would appreciate insight as to what you did send in (other than unmentionables) Thank you again you have truly been a help!!!

    Stay well and safe and easy journey home!

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  5. 4 hours ago, TxShenanigans said:

     I was hoping they were going to upgrade us in the end but while the bids haven’t been denied officially yet our cruise leaves tomorrow in Sydney. Still going to have a great cruise but a little disappointed that a counter offer email that we agreed to didn’t result in the upgrade. Worse things can happen just adding my 2 cents.

    That is disappointing - are you sure they received your counter?  If you have the email both received and sent - would print it out and take it with you - could not hurt to ask again at check in but make sure you bring your proof - Good luck - beautiful destination - Enjoy - Stay well and safe

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  6. 4 hours ago, luvs2cruzga said:

    I am joining this ship on the19th and have a couple of questions.  I just had an upgrade bid to club class accepted. Will my medallion be updated or do I need to do something? Do I need to make reservations for dinner and which dining room would I make them.  It's been several years since I have cruised this class on Princess.

    Congratulations and question - how far in advance did you submit your bid?  I noticed that your sailing is the next one that we are on are wait listed and showing no space and we too have put in a bid but thought since nothing was available that the option would not work but you prove that it might still be a possibility?  Thank you for sharing and have a grand trip

  7. If this question has already been asked - I apologize - but at the different ports/countries you have traveled on this sailing - did you have "their currency" or were US Dollars/Credit cards accepted for purchases? 

    Your pictures and insight have been so helpful - doing the Buenos Aires to LA on 3/4 - so thank you again for taking your time to help all of us!  Stay well and safe

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  8. On 12/29/2023 at 9:39 PM, trbarton said:

    If you’re Elite with Princess it’s FREE & it doesn’t matter where your stateroom is. I’ve stayed from Inside to Balcony & the laundry benefits are the same. 

    Yes one of the perks of a Suite is free laundry. 


    Thanks Tom - for Elite with free laundry - do you know how many times you can use this perk - thinking of a 30 day cruise - Thank you - stay well and safe and Happy New Year

  9. Thank you for all the positive feedback - we are planning on the 32day Buenos Aires to LA in March

    We do anytime dining with request a specific time and usually like more midship dining room - see that there is Pacific Moon and Santa Fe - any thoughts on which is best or if we are missing a better option?   Thank you so much for your help!  Stay well and safe

  10. Have not been able to find any private tours from LeHavre - we ended up booking through the cruiseline full day with lunch on the Seine - not ideal but the only other option was to take the bus trip into Paris and then arrange for a private tour for a few hours - just decided with all that is going on thought it better for us to take the escorted tour - although years ago I did take the bus in and then took taxi from place to place  I see that you are in Sacramento Ca - I am in Morgan HIll CA - have a wonderful trip - stay well and safe

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  11. Have sailed out of Southampton and other cruise ports several times in the past.  One time we flew what was to be a non stop flight to Heathrow had a medical emergency onboard and diverted us for more than 3 hours and arrived into Heathrow about the same time the ship was departing.  They did hold the ship as there were 14 of us on that flight - however the transfer was almost 2 hours and the driver was talking to the port the entire time not knowing how much longer they could hold based on the tides.

     Yes if we had missed embarkation they would have helped us to get to the next port - however remember that you miss that first day and even the second day as you will be traveling and the hope that there are flights into the next port of call.

     Two months ago flew into and out of Heathrow and it has become so busy and so crowded so definitely leave yourself plenty of time to not only get baggage, hopefully flight on time, clear customs and get out of the airport.

     Hopefully you might be able to change your flights - add on 1 night pre cruise either through Princess or on your own so that you are stressfree and ready to have a great cruise - Enjoy


  12. Grandma Cruising - hoping you are having a great cruise - we sail Quest on November 15 - 11 nights


    Submitted for upgrade on 10/22/22 - Discover Plus - V1 booked - options as follows - USD

    Veranda Plus - $100-$400 per person

    Club Continent - $400-$1700 per person

    Club Spa - $2100-$3600 per person

    Club Ocean - $2250-$4600 per person

    Club Owners - $2820-$5100 per person


    Bid $550 per person and received upgrade 11/3/22 to a N1 although there were N2 - so pleased with location not great about the tub/shower but will see.


    I had asked the question about Pending and it was about a week that it said Pending and then received the upgrade still not sure if Pending meant pretty sure or just goes to Pending once submitted although did notice two days before upgrade - no longer could I bid on the Club Ocean or Owners Suite


    Hope this helps with the spreadsheet - Enjoy your cruises - stay well and safe!

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  13. Thank you for your response - still saying Pending and now think it is just what it says after one has generated a bid - thought maybe it was like RCG and that meant you were receiving the upgrade but since it has been days think not - either way a cruise is in my future!!!  Stay well and safe

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  14. First time bidding on Azamara and noticed yesterday it says Pending when I checked bidding upgrade - maybe it has said that since I submitted - but wondering if others have an answer - bid about 3 weeks ago and sailing on November 15.  When I did it on Royal Caribbean it did come back as Pending and then next day received the email - not sure if same for Azamara -  appreciate any thoughts or personal experience as to this Pending.  Thank you again -

     Stay well and safe

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