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  1. karl_nj - thank you so much for your comments especially about the difficulty with the door - traveling with a friend who has some disabilities and wondering if she would be able to open at all - but maybe the door remains unlocked and then I can open on my side and hers? Enjoy your cruise and thank you for responding - stay well and safe
  2. Thank you so much for taking your time to reply and the picture - does not look like a great design - really liked on Solstice Class where you have the little extra room and can keep each individual door opened or closed and still closed at the hallway So helpful to see how it is laid out and can make the decision if this is really a great solution Appreciate your help - stay well and safe
  3. Happy Birthday Huntingdon 1701 - you are giving US the best gift - taking us along on your adventure. Wish Azamara would see this and comp you some internet minute since you are doing such a great advertising blog for them! Is White Nights still a go on your sailing? In room movies? Complimentary or fee? Thank you again for taking your time to help us - Enjoy your cruise!!
  4. Looking at connecting cabins (category E3 or any that are infinite verandas) cannot find out where they connect - inside the cabin or outside door (like Solstice class) anyone have this information would appreciate it - did try calling into Celebrity and after to listening to the long recordings they cut off twice - Appreciate any information - Stay well and Safe - Thank you!
  5. We are on the 10/10 sailing and when we originally checked in it also gave us 3-330 - after reading the above - went back in and now and many other times later just nothing earlier than 3-330 - Agree that if everyone was given the 3-30 time could be so busy - so maybe choosing something later or waiting to see if earlier spots open closer to sail date
  6. Definitely you need to contact your TA - so that the correct breakdown is given - you need to know exactly the individual cost/pricing of what is included in what you are holding - then you can compare to the rate that does not include the promotions- Remember also that rates can change at any time so if you see something - call your TA - you wait and it may not be there - also Travel Agents, or at least mine, always says if you see something let me know - you have only one booking to keep your eye on and we have been in this position and have had a booking change four times before we sailed - of course we also before we sail send her a gift so that she knows how much we appreciate her extra efforts - hope this helps -
  7. Thank you so much for posting. There has been a lot of talk about the Transatlantic sailing on October 10 (which we are booked) that it might not sail for various reasons - if you hear anything - would you please post for all us Have a wonderful cruise and enjoy this special personalized cruise! Thank you again!!
  8. Category V1 - shower has a curtain - is it magnetized or need to bring a clip so it does not stick to passenger showering? Apologize if this has already been asked and covered. Thank you
  9. Thank you - looking at this - still cannot tell if luggage will go under bed Bathroom looks smaller than other videos of infinite staterooms Was hoping that someone who had booked this category would respond - but strange - nothing on Celebrity and not here - so whoever is booking these categories both on Edge and Apex are not responding. So appreciate your time looking at the video - Stay well and safe
  10. First, let me apologize if this has been covered - I did post on Celebrity board but no one has the answers - so am hopeful that someone here can help with the following who have either seen this category or hopefully have sailed in it - I know that it is a much smaller cabin made for solo traveler but for a long cruise - albeit much less expensive for a single - questions as follows Queen bed - is their storage beneath the bed? Pictures shows single closet and no drawers? A small nook with two small shelves - again no drawers? I had read that the bathroom is the same size as other cabins but appears smaller? Is there a drawer in the bathroom under the sink? The infinite veranda appears same size as others? If you have sailed in this category - your pros and cons? Would you sail in this category again for longer than 7 nights? Any answers and thoughts - greatly appreciated - Stay well and safe
  11. Thank you and will post on the Solo Site - I totally agree with you about pricing - unfortunately on this sailing it is double the price and a longer sailing for a double cabin compared to the ES - I too am willing to pay a bit more - just not sure about the double - but will see - appreciate your thoughts.
  12. Thank you for your reply - Appreciate your time, I have been on the Edge but in a double cabin - was hoping that someone had sailed in this category and could give additional guidance - tried asking same questions of Celebrity reservations and Captain club - they had no idea Again - thank you for your help - Stay well and Safe
  13. Let me apologize first if this has already been covered - cannot find it and would appreciate answers to the following - realizing that this cabin is smaller and accommodates one (1) person but for a long cruise - not sure a good choice - albeit much less expensive way to cruise for a solo person It shows Queen bed which is fine - can you store your luggage under the bed or is it a platform and cannot store anything? Pictures show a single closet - no drawers in closet and no drawers in a little nook area - just 2 shelves? I had read that the bathroom was the same size as other cabins - but looks smaller? Other cabins have a large drawer under the sink in the bathroom - does the ES have a drawer? It appears the infinite veranda is the same size as other cabins Looking at categories - appears that very small table on the veranda is for all categories? (except suites) Also appears for all categories - Televisions mounted on wall by bed - do not swivel so only can watch TV in bed? For those who have sailed in this category - would you do it again - pros and cons and any advice would be greatly appreciated Thank you for taking the time to review and respond - Appreciate your help - Stay well and safe!
  14. I have been looking and looking at the deck plan and cannot the "indent" to know which cabins are which - appreciate any further help Thank you
  15. Any idea if one can upgrade mid cruise onboard? Elite Plus - but just not sure need Streaming Thank you for your help - Stay well and safe
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