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  1. We just brought our reusable water bottles to the Suite Lounge and used a cup to refill them. This happened when we first boarded, before our suitcases were delivered (which had our reusable water bottles!) We don't drink soda so didn't try that. And when we ate at Coastal Kitchen for dinner we had water - so I didn't even try that out :( Since the bartender seemed really confused by the question it just seemed easier to grab our reusable water bottles! For all I know it was a new bartender and by the next day things may have been working smoothly.
  2. I saw pretty much everything in the MDR last week on Oasis. From longer basketball shorts on some teens and tank tops with short shorts, to formal dressing even when it wasn't formal night! Most were dressed nicely on formal night, even if it wasn't formal - nice slacks and a shirt and sundresses on females. I think the frown upon shorts for dinner, but I certainly didn't see anyone turned away!
  3. We had trouble getting bottled water last week from the Suite Lounge. I asked the Concierge and she directed me to the bar. The bartender looked like I had asked for something really esoteric and went into the storage room for a few minutes. He finally handed me 4 bottles of water (there were 4 of us) and said that they don't normally have bottled water so he had to find it. My understanding was that our automatic gratuities went towards the main dining staff and the room steward. All drink purchases had an 18% gratuity added to the bill and we usually gave a few dollars more on top of that. Room service is free, so we tipped in cash. The cards for ordering room service are the same used throughout the ship, so it says a charge will be made for delivery, but in grand suites and higher it is actually included in the room charge. I made reservations for all shows that I could online, but there are reserved seats in the larger venues that you can sit in as long as you arrive early enough. They open those seats to all a few minutes before the shows start. But the RCI site gives you a good outline of what you get.
  4. We received an email the week before we left and that same letter was in our stateroom when we arrived.
  5. We are on Oasis of the Seas Sunday too! I had trouble concentrating at work this week because I was SO EXCITED! Hope to see you around!
  6. We are booked for the August 12th cruise as well! I'll try to post about our experience once we get back. But I think things will be fine. We usually take the stairs (unless I'm in heels for formal nights!) and I expect things to get crowded at times just due to the volume of people. But I also expect that the staff will try their best and I plan to have fun. I wouldn't let a poster or two ruin your expectations.
  7. We go August 12th! I cannot wait to be on a ship of that size - I can imagine my eyes will be roving in all directions trying to take it all in! Welcome back
  8. What a fantastic read! I'm on a completely different ship (Oasis in August) but loved reading about your trip and ideas! I have 2 teens, so your insight into the teen activities was perfect and I even called my girls over to show them snippets of your postings. Our girls have been on a Disney cruise, but never RCL. I think they are excited about this trip as much as I am, and this will be my 5th cruise :) I agree with other posters - writing is definitely a gift you have! And your family is beautiful.
  9. I had a Samsonite hard sided spinner that *just* broke last weekend after a flight (the side cracked like an egg). I'm replacing it with another spinner but not a hard side this time. We shall see how this one lasts. But spinners are the way to go for me!
  10. I've seen large families do coordinating colors for each sub-family (so grandma and grandpa wear either striped shirts or one color). Their 4 kids (and their families) each take a color (say dark blue for one sibling+their family, teal for one sibling + their family etc.) Whew - found an example! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/281545414174447845/ I have also seen where everyone wears white (or black) shirts and jeans - similar to this: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d1/7d/c2/d17dc2d6252dab498c72542f13d8d88e.jpg
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