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  1. A little info first, we are a family of 4 with kids aged 4yo and 3yo. We have been in a total of 2 cruises. Both with Carnival. We were in the Victory this July, and just got of the Magic yesterday. And now we want to plan for our next cruise because we are addicted! :hearteyes: School will start soon so our next cruise will be for next year. :loudcry: Now i have a few questions. 1. What is the main difference between Carnival and Royal Caribbean? We are thinking of booking Vista Class ships if we do Carnival, and book Oasis Class ships if we do RCI. 2. When is the best time to book a cruise? Like is there a black Friday for cruises 3. What is the best deal you have gotten? I see deals like free drinks/internet/excursion package, 50% off 3rd and 4th guests, OBC, etc 4. I have heard that Carnival is the fun ship. Is it true that Carnival is more fun than Royal Caribbean? In what way is it more fun? Is it the shows, the activities, the CD, or just the atmosphere? 5. I saw that they have Johnny Rockets, so I was wondering what places are free to eat in Royal Caribbean? In Carnival they have mdr, buffet, blue iguana, guys burgers, pig&anchor, 24hr pizza and froyo. 6. Which would you choose just between the two, Carnival or Royal Caribbean and why? Looking forward to your responses. Thanks! :halo:
  2. I was on the same sailing, Aug 18-25. This was our 2nd cruise so im no expert but my family had a great time! Food that we enjoyed were the blue iguana, indian food near the tides, pig and anchor, and the omelette bar in the lido during breakfast. We also enjoyed the lobster night in the mdr. They have vegetarian options so you don’t have to worry. As for the A/C, before our cruise we were reading a lot of FB posts that the Magic has an A/C problem so when we met our room steward the first day, we asked for an electric fan from him. Our room is in deck 9 forward. If you walk in the hallway of deck 9 in mid and aft, you will feel that its warm. Our room was ok, but we had to turn on the fan every night when we go to sleep. Now for the entertainment, this was the highlight of our cruise. AlexJay our cruise director did a wonderful job. It was his first stint as CD but he still pulled it off. I think Cookie is in a CD conference that’s why AlexJay filled in for him. The performers in the showtime theater did amazing as well. Dj Dawkness, Landry the comedian, the Fun Squad, and the band in Spotlight Lounge were all awesome. Lastly, I just want to mention Ms. Moana from Camp Ocean was fantastic. Our kids love her. You know that your kids are well taken care of if they mention and talk about what they did with her everytime we picked them up from camp.
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