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  1. We come down to KW for Christmas every year. It is, as previously mentioned, pretty much business as usual. A few small businesses and restaurants do close, but most are open. Sunset will be at about 5:45, and you'll see the usual celebration at Mallory Square - something that is definitely worthwhile to check out. Unfortunately, you'll have to be on board before it gets dark enough to really enjoy all of the lights along the bight (harbor). You will see some of them though in the area near where the ships are located.
  2. Most places open same time on Sundays
  3. RB Bonzo

    Trolly Tour

    cheapest option is probably to buy on-line in advance. Lots of trollys leaving all the time. You'll probably have more flexibitlity if you don't book w/ ship
  4. Look for newspaper boxes w/ coupons. Lots of 2 for 1 coupons around. For a "dive bar" fee, try Captain Tony's or Schooner Wharf.
  5. Both are great. We prefer the conch train, though for several reasons: 1) trolley makes frequent stops / people getting on and off. That disrupts the flow somewhat. We thought that on/off privilige not as important if primary goal is a tour. If you're looking for transportation to go to different spots, the free Duval Loop bus is a better option. 2) Open air feel of the train. Just more fun. And, better able to see things. 3) Better route - but that's a matter of opinion and preference.
  6. We first came to Key West on a cruise stop. We were intrigued enough to come for a few short stays in B&B's. We now come for 3 weeks every year. During our very first stay, we took the Conch Train tour. To this day, we still look back on how good that was at giving us a feel for the area and the KW "vibe" that brings us back. Unless you have some special interest (e.g., if you're a Hemmingway fan, go to the house), I would suggest walking along some of the quieter streets off Duval to get a feel for the area. Stop in one of the bars w/ live music for a drink. Go to the bight (marina area) for a walk. Get an iced cafe con leche from Cuban Coffee Queen.
  7. Waterfront (not a close call IMO) But, if in port during their happy hour, First Flight is quite a bit cheaper.And, their red ale is good.
  8. RB Bonzo

    Things to do

    The trolley really is a great way to get a feel for Key West. You won't do everything but you'll see the major sights. I'd skip the long lunch and find someplace quick after the trolley either by the harbor area (the Bight) or elsewhere in Old Town. Tell us what you like to do and what type of food you like, and we can make specific suggestions.
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