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  1. Not sure if you mean Izumi hibachi or the Izumi sushi, but I know the 3 night package does not include hibachi, at least it didn't when I checked a few months ago. Not sure if it includes Izumi sushi though.
  2. Does anyone know if these three-night packages include hibachi? Or is it like the unlimited dining package and include pretty much everything except hibachi?
  3. I used to think this was the case, but for us that was not our experience during spring break weeks. The last three years during our kids' spring break weeks in March each year, we did Norwegian Escape, then a smaller RC ship I can't remember the name, then just did Carnival Horizon a few weeks ago. Our experience was that the NCL and RC had many more college kids, and the Carnival had many more families. My theory is that the college kids don't do Carnival for spring break since the drink package has 15 drink limit vs unlimited on NCL and RC, but not sure if that is really why. My wife and I are 40 and still like to party a bit at night so we actually enjoyed the cruises with more college kids, and found the pools during the day to be a little boring on Carnival with nothing but families just sitting around. We're booked for Symphony next March so we're hoping it will be a little more lively than the Carnival Horizon.
  4. Are the blackout dates typically the same for the different sales? The KSF is blacked out during our planned Symphony cruise for spring break in March 2020, hopefully a 25% off everyone sale won't be since it is not a sale geared towards kids.
  5. I just booked for a 3/21/20 cruise on Symphony with a warehouse club. For the specific rooms we wanted, 2 interior adjoining rooms for 4 people, it actually saved us about $700 from the RC website price. They said they had a small block of rooms with 6 rooms left that fit what we wanted. You don't have to be a club member either to book with them. Our friends that wanted adjoining balcony rooms on the same cruise called the same travel agent for the warehouse club, but for them it was the same price as the RC website since they didn't have any balcony rooms in their block. So sometimes the warehouse clubs are cheaper if they have rooms in a block, otherwise the prices are about the same as the RC website. Our booking shows up when I login to my RC account now, so it seems at least at this point to be the same as far as managing the booking from this point forward.
  6. I know the specialty dining restaurants have free smaller meals for lunches, but I wasn't sure if that was the case on the first day when you board the ship?
  7. I thought this was strange too when we booked Horizon for our spring break cruise next week. We booked last summer so there were plenty or rooms on every deck, so it had nothing to do with demand for rooms with 3/4 beds. We are two adults and two kids, and it was basically the same price to get two adjoining rooms with 2 of us in each room, as it was to pack all four of us in one room. I think it was like $100 more. If they had any decent discount for our kids, we would have put all four of us in one room, and they could have made a few grand selling the second room. Very strange pricing model, but we're happy to be getting the extra space and privacy of a second room for only about $100.
  8. This is correct, but just FYI in case they're thinking about doing that for other reservations, I do believe that the hibachi place does charge $25 if you cancel within 24 hours. But I'm pretty sure that is the only one.
  9. We just booked the Horizon for March, and we were struggling making the same decision. We are going with our two kids though, and for the 4 of us it ended up being slightly cheaper to get two interior adjoining rooms than one balcony room, so having double the space and an extra bathroom made up for not having a balcony.
  10. It is so funny how different people on the exact same cruise could have such different opinions. In the review section of this website someone that was on the same cruise as you just posted a horrible review of the exact same sailing. Some people have a good time regardless of any small issues, and some people let a handful of small issues ruin their good time. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=622875
  11. We just reserved Carnival Horizon for 3/17/19, which is the first week of the NCAA basketball tournament. We went on a NCL cruise this same week a few years ago and it was difficult to watch the games on the ship. When the cruise started out of Miami we couldn't watch any of the games since they were on CBS/TBS/TNT which weren't available on the ship, but after a couple of days into the cruise when we were closer to the Caribbean they started showing the games on the ESPN channels, which I'm guessing had the international rights to show the tournament. Anyone been on a Carnival cruise lately during the NCAA tournament remember how easy it was to catch the games? Thanks
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