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  1. Suburban Drudgery

    Bought a formal gown at Goodwill for the cruise

    You lost 150 lbs? Way to go! Congratulations! Most of the things at my Goodwill are 5-10.00. They do carry nice things. I see Tommy Bahama and 100.00 shoes for about 20.00. Most of the good stuff is new or worn once. My dh probably won't wear a blazer from Goodwill to be honest. He might borrow one or buy one but he tends to be snobby about his clothes and may overspend at Nordstroms or someplace like that while I wear a 10.00 used dress from Goodwill. I told him no way. :rolleyes:
  2. since I didn't want to spend money on a gown I would never wear again. It's very cute by the way. DH does not own a suit (works on computers all day and wears jeans and shorts to work). I asked him to buy one at Target or something like that or borrow. I don't want him spending 300.00 for a blazer that he will never wear again. He said he doesn't need a blazer for formal nights. He said the last time we cruised, 50% of the men didn't wear a blazer, let alone a tux or suit. Should I push or leave it alone? He does have very nice shirts from Tommy Bahama that cost 150.00 each that he could wear and they are resort wear BTW.:rolleyes: