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  1. How long is the BART ride to /from SFO? Any tips on taking BART from the pier to SFO? We did BART from the pier to SFO many years ago and it worked out ok but cannot remember the details plus things may have changed. TIA
  2. McDonalds is about 5 mins walk from port and as always has free wifi
  3. How does one get to Cabbage Beach DIY please?
  4. Maybe it was stingray....lol. Did not pay too much attention. Just saw a group in the water. Going in February with my grand daughter So now interested. Price for stingray interaction please? She would be interested in either one. Thanks
  5. Last time we were on HMC, we saw a group doing a dolphin swim. Has anyone here done this? If so, could you share the price of this excursion? TIA
  6. I believe that most if not all Caribbean ports of call take US dollars. We have been to most and they have all taken US dollars. Antigua certainly does.
  7. Did you have young children with you? Bringing our grand daughters age 5,3 and 20 months. Would they like it? Even if you didn’t have children with you, did you observe that it was an ok excursion for the young ones? Did parents hold the child or did they go in with swim aids?
  8. Did you have young children with you? Bringing our 3 and 5 years old grand daughters. If you didn’t have your own, did you notice if the parents were carrying the children in or were they using swim aids?
  9. Did you just carry the baby into the water ? Were swim aids allowed?
  10. It may have to do with the # of chefs assigned to the restaurant. I once asked why I was not able to get the reservation time I requested as clearly the venue was not full and had many empty tables. I was told they only book for as many as the chefs would be able to cook each dish fresh for each dish ordered. Made perfect sense to me.
  11. Thank you MaryBeth for this fantastic review. Very detailed and love all your pics. You are an amazing photographer!
  12. Thank you again. You have made our decision to go there nect time a lot easier.
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