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  1. Thank you MaryBeth for this fantastic review. Very detailed and love all your pics. You are an amazing photographer!
  2. Thank you again. You have made our decision to go there nect time a lot easier.
  3. Thank you Bob. You answered all my questions. Just one more...lol. How much was the cab fare to get there? Thank you for all your help!
  4. Great pics Bob! I asked my questions in the above post. Can you help with any of the questions I asked?
  5. Excuse my ignorance but what does PAYG mean? Pay as you go? Is there all inclusive and an option to pay a la carte.....just pay for what you want? If so, can you give an idea of the prices please? Do you have to make reservations or just show up? Does the beach belong to Gail and Barry or is it a public beach?
  6. That’s why I asked. Would not want to pay more than we already paid at Paradise. Found menu on link you posted but unfortunately no prices listed. Thank you
  7. Are the food and drinks a reasonable price? Nachos were about $10 and beer $4.50-$5 st Paradise. Comparable?
  8. Is Carlis n Charlie a beach also? Last month when we took a taxi to Paradise Beach, saw that C& C was right next door. Read somewhere it was same beach down aways and had no entry fee. Is it similar to Paradise Beach with beachfront loungers and umbrellas or just a restaurant? Thanks for any info.
  9. Most ship excursions are usually more than booking independently. Tickets for the skyride to Paradise Point are actually cheaper if you purchase it from the Carnival excursions desk. $19.99 and I believe at the ticket booth they were a few dollars more.
  10. Patrick, It has been been a few years since I was on the Breeze but if I recall correctly, there is a night club on board. The only time the ship officially uses it is at night. I am sure if you request the use of it during the day for a Meet and Greet, they will be willing to assign it to you. Several years ago, I organized a M& G on snother ship and had contacted someone at Carnival to arrange all this ahead of time. An events co ordinator contacted me on board and everything went smoothly
  11. Can you clarify for me please? You mentioned Honeymoon Beach in relationship to Red Hook/St John’s. I thought Honeymoon Beach was on Water Island. We were there many tears ago and thought that was the beach. Your descriotion of getting to Water Zisland us how I remember it. In e off the ferry, we had to walk uphill and then after a short walk, reached Honeymoon Beach.
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